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Christmas fundraiser for Romford teenage boxer with cerebral palsy

Taylor Bolman wearing his Winny's Boxing Champions belt with Mum Toni Richardson.

Taylor Bolman wearing his Winny's Boxing Champions belt with Mum Toni Richardson.


The mum of a Romford teenager born with cerebral palsy is throwing a Christmas fundraiser to support her son's newfound passion for boxing and a fit life.

Mum Taylor Richardson and sister Scarlett. Picture: Toni RichardsonMum Taylor Richardson and sister Scarlett. Picture: Toni Richardson

When Taylor Bolman was born, mum Toni was told he wouldn't be able to walk and he might not survive long. Bbut today, aged 19, he is thriving, thanks to a boxing regimen that has been life-changing.

The Recorder featured Taylor and his mum - who both live in Eastbury Road - back in 2003 when they started fundraising to pay for treatment to help him walk and in November 2019 when he won his first boxing championship belt.

He won another match in September and attends Sapphire leisure centre every day to train.

Taylor Bolman training. Picture: Toni RichardsonTaylor Bolman training. Picture: Toni Richardson

Toni said: "With help from his trainers the difference between the first fight and the second was enormous.

"I have seen significant changes in Taylor's physical and emotional well-being once he took on boxing."

Taylor still needs a lot of additional help and Toni has to raise more than £3,000 a year to pay for therapies, physio and other support and equipment he needs.

Taylor Bolman's logo. Picture: Toni RichardsonTaylor Bolman's logo. Picture: Toni Richardson

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Last year they decided to throw a Christmas table top sale and Taylor's sister Scarlett had a cake stand for the event. With family and friends pitching in they were able to raise £500 towards his treatment.

Taylor is also a budding entrepreneur and designed his own logo.

Boxing trainer James Baxter and Taylor Bolman. Picture: Toni RichardsonBoxing trainer James Baxter and Taylor Bolman. Picture: Toni Richardson

He will be selling merchandise at this year's event along with cakes, refreshments, jewellery, games and sweets.

Toni said the Christmas fundraiser is a great way to get everyone together who has helped Taylor throughout the years.

She said: "We have been amazingly supported by a smallish network of family, friends, and friends of friends and it's made a huge impact.

Taylor Bolman. Picture: Toni RichardsonTaylor Bolman. Picture: Toni Richardson

Taylor will also be appearing in a video for Everyone Active Gym on Havering's International Day for Disabilities on December 3 at the Salvation Army.

You can follow Taylor's fitness regimen on Instagram @fitness_life_taylor and you can support him by going to the table top sale on Saturday, November 30 from 2.30-5.30pm at Kingsland Hall, Harold Wood.

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