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Christian Wade concedes he's still 'weakest link in the room' for Buffalo Bills after first year in NFL

Christian Wade admits he is “still the weakest link in the room” for the Buffalo Bills as his first year in the NFL draws to a close.

The former Wasps wing has been attempting to make it in the NFL after shining during pre-season for the Bills.

A practice squad member throughout his first year, Wade admits the technical aspect of the sport still leaves him as the player with the most work to do.

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“I’m the weakest link in the room still. I needed the extra attention, and I’ve been working closely with him [Skipper] since I first came into the building,” Wade told the Mail.

“I’ve gone from learning the playbook and getting to grips with that, with now making sure I execute at the highest level.

“As far as I’m concerned, this year has been a success. To come across, learn the game, practice, score on my first touch – it’s been huge how much I’ve developed.”

Wade has revelled in his role on the practice squad, which he likens to being an academy player on the outside fighting for an opportunity, forcing him to become more humble.

But the biggest surprise of Wade’s first season as a Bill has been the team meetings.

“The amount of meetings they have,” Wade admitted.

“There’s so much detail that goes into it, a lot more preparation than I actually thought. Every play counts for something. If someone doesn’t do what they’re supposed to, it can swing the whole momentum of the game.

“It’s such a technical sport – but every day I grow to love it even more.”