Denmark's midfielder Christian Eriksen has collapsed as his team faced Finland in one of the opening matches of the Euro 2020 tournament in Copenhagen.

Christian Eriksen collapsed face first into the turf as the ball hit his knee.

A tweet from UEFA said the match had been suspended due to a medical emergency

Inter Milan player Eriksen dropped to the ground at the Parken Stadium shortly before half-time, leaving players from both teams in clear distress.

English referee Anthony Taylor called medics on to the pitch and Eriksen underwent prolonged treatment.

Team-mates formed a shield around the former Tottenham man, while fans inside the stadium were clearly stunned by the incident, with some pictured in tears.

Eriksen, who used to play for Tottenham Hotspur, appeared to faint as he went to receive a throw in in the 42nd minute of the match.

Teammates surrounded him with backs turned as it appeared he was being given CPR.

The referee Taylor is reported to be 'very worried' while there are tears in the stadium.

A Guardian reporter said: "I think he just collapsed and fell over as he went to receive a throw in. This is very worrying."

Erikson collapsed by the corner flag near the touchline and was quickly surround by players from Denmartk and Finland.

Medical staff were instantly called as the game was halted.

A woman believed to be Eriksen's wife made her way onto the pitch.

The Guardian said: "On the BBC, they’ve cut back to the studio and probably not before time. Gary Lineker, Cesc Fabregas, Alex Scott and Micah Richards all look in total shock, as am I. It’s difficult to know what to type here, really. Please God, Christian will be OK."

The players have retiurned to their dressing rooms.

The Independent said: "The medical staff are still working on Christian Eriksen. Sheets are being held up around the player as they continue their work.

"The stadium is in total shock. Some of the Danish players are in tears. There’s no word yet on Eriksen’s condition. The television camera’s are avoiding that area of the pitch."