Two of the country's leading medical and scientific experts will address the nation this morning as the pandemic reaches a "critical point."

England's chief  medical  officer Chris Witty and Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, will give a public briefing on the latest  coronavirus  data at around 11am.

It is expected that Mr Witty will point out that "the trend in the UK is heading in the wrong direction" as coronavirus cases across the country continue to soar.

The pair will explain how the virus is spreading and the potential scenarios as we move into a "very challenging winter period".

The public will also be presented with data on other countries which are experiencing a second wave and how this could be replicated in the UK.

Elsewhere, reports say the Prime Minister will also address the nation later this week to "reveal plans of a lockdown".

It comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned new restrictions could be rolled out as the "nation faces a tipping point."

Meanwhile, in Hull and East Yorkshire 13 new cases were announced on Sunday.

In Hull, four people tested positive meaning the total number of cases is now 1,692.

Another nine people were confirmed to have the virus in East Yorkshire where the total stands at 1,860.

MP says national lockdown would look like current restrictions in north-east

Conservative MP Theresa Villiers has said the most likely option for a national lockdown would be similar to the current restrictions in the north-east of England.

The former Cabinet Minister told Carolyn Quinn on BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour: “If cases do continue to rise, I would have thought the most likely option that the Government would go for on a national level is the kind of restrictions that they’re undertaking in the north east, so unfortunately that means possibly a period when people are not allowed to socialise with others, inside or outdoors and further restrictions on the way hospitality works.

“I really hope that we don’t have to come to that because obviously the hospitality sector has been hit so hard by this, but I think of all the measures we could take to stem the outbreak or the possible second wave, it seems that restrictions on social gatherings may be the most effective and also have less economic damage than a bigger lockdown affecting more businesses.”