Chris Moyles looks dramatically different after dying his hair blonde.

The former Radio 1 star, 46, has undergone an incredible transformation over the last few years as he's shed five stone.

He's now given himself a hair makeover by dying his barnet blonde during lockdown.

Chris posted a picture of his dramatic new look on Twitter, and wrote: "So I finally did it!"

Fans flocked to his page to tell him how good he looks, with some comparing him to Gary Barlow in the early days of Take That and others likening him to Gunther from Friends and Judge Rinder.

One wrote: "You look how I’d have expected 90s @GaryBarlow to look at this point."

Chris Moyles looks dramatically different with blonde hair

Another added: "Wow you look so different but it suits you and think it actually makes you look younger how do you do it ."

A third tweeted: "I can’t believe what you look like now Chris. What a transformation

"I've only just joined Twitter and and haven’t caught up with you for years and years!! Bravo!"

Chris started his weight loss journey in 2014, and gave himself a total lifestyle makeover.

Chris pictured back in 2001 before his epic weight loss
He changed his lifestyle to shed five stone

Before he changed his eating habits, he was reportedly scoffing only around 2,000 but the food he was eating wasn't healthy,

He ditched pizza and ice cream for fruit and veg, along with grains like quinoa and oatmeal.

Chris has previously said he does cardio three times a week, and uses free weights to build muscle mass.

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Speaking about his weight loss in, he admitted his entire outlook on life has changed.

He told The Sun : "I don’t know what I used to think when I looked in the mirror when I was at my worst.

“Now if I go out on a Friday or Saturday and ave a few beers, I can see that I’m bloating in the mirror on Sunday."