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Chloe Sims says ‘it’s over for these b****es’ in explosive showdown between her exes Pete Wicks and Dan Edgar

CHLOE Sims declared "it's over for these b****es" as her exes Pete Wicks and Dan Edgar got in a showdown on Towie last night.

The 38-year-old was caught in the middle after Dan approached Pete to hash out their differences - claiming the 31-year-old didn't like him after he bedded Chloe.

Dan tried to build bridges as the Essex cast headed to an outside festival - but Pete claimed he knew about him and Chloe when he chose to sleep with her last year.

Dan made the first move and said he didn't appreciate Pete's attitude, telling him: "What I'm saying is that I notice it and people notice it, it's a bit of bitterness that comes out towards me."

But Pete responded: "There were things that come out at the time that were a bit snakey."

He then got defensive, saying: "I spoke to Chloe and you know things had gone on between me and her, it should really be me having a problem. 

"She said you were fully aware of. Denny and Diags were in a room, in Thailand I did have a bit of a meltdown, knowing you knew that.

"Things have worked out the way they should, me and Chloe are getting back to the way it was before, we're all f*****g too old now. There's no issue mate."

Elsewhere, Pete tried to make it up to Chloe after weeks of rowing on the show after The Sun revealed their two-year sexual relationship.

He took her for a night out at a jazz club and impressed, Chloe said: "Ah Pete you've done really well. I'm so glad you've picked this."

He replied: "Well listen over the years probably our best nights come from the places where we've been with live music

"So I thought we'll come here and this will cheer you up. It's a bit different."

Chloe hit back: 'I'm cheered up, just not with you.'

Pete then got up to make a big gesture and apologise to Chloe.

He told the crowd: "Alright, OK fine. Excuse me, fabulous musician in the corner, sorry everyone. Genuinely I apologise. Can you play some sad music for me please."

Pete went on: "Chloe Sims I'm sorry a dd. I'm sorry I've not there. But I love you, please forgive me."

Begging him to stop, a blushing Chloe said: "I'll forgive you just shut up and sit down please, that's really embarrassing. I'm sweating."

Pete and Chloe previously attended therapy sessions where she broke down in tears over their fractured relationship.

At the therapy session aired on TOWIE and held after the BFFs went eight months without speaking, mum of one Chloe wore her hair in a high bun and a black ruffle dress.

As therapist Anna Williamson suggested the relationship had turned sexual, Chloe, 37, said: "There’s a pattern. When he can’t have me, he wants me. When I go away, he follows. Then we spend time together and then the minute I switch and want that, he goes 'no."

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