Horrifying home surveillance grabs show the moment an unsuspecting girl let a smirking pedophile posing as a modeling agent into her home to molest her.

Doorbell camera footage shows the pervert – dressed in a Spiderman T-Shirt – crack a smile as his victim opened her front door in League City, Texas, on December 8.

Other grabs shared by League City Police showed the pedophile stood next to the camera and turning to face it while waiting for his victim to answer.

A separate camera also caught the child abuser turning up to the address in his black Hyundai hatchback.

League City Police said the pedophile contacted his victim using video sharing app Likee and offering her the chance to become a model.

The little girl believed the man to be a representative for a modeling company, and invited him over for what he claimed would be a ‘personal evaluation.’



He turned up just 15 minutes later and went into the girl’s house before sexually assaulting her.

League City Police say the suspect turned himself in on Tuesday, hours after they first issued their appeal.

He has been charged with aggravated sexual assault on a child, with his bond set at $250,000.

Officers have yet to name the suspect, and have not shared the age of his alleged victim.