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Chilling CCTV shows mystery ‘meter man’ fleeing Bronx garage where Nicolo Rappa, 91, was found tied and beaten to death

CHILLING footage released by cops shows a suspect dressed as a utility worker wanted in connection of the murder of a 91-year-old man.

Police shared CCTV of the man wearing a yellow hardhat, green reflective vest, a black facemask after Nicolo Rappa was found bound and beaten to death inside his garage in New York City. 

Cops say the suspect - who may be impersonating a utility worker - confronted Rappa at around 12:40pm on Tuesday outside his building and trailed him into his garage, according to the New York Post. 

A half-hour later, the suspect was seen leaving through the side of the deceased man’s building, 

Rappa’s remains were found in the garage shortly afterward tied up by his hands and feet with towels set over his head, the publication added. 

Surveillance photos and CCTV video released by police Wednesday show the suspect wearing a yellow hardhat, a bright green reflective vest, and a black mask outside the home and talking into a mobile device.

He was later seen driving a white rental flatbed truck with a couple of traffic drums.

The elderly man’s violent demise shook some of his neighbors.

One of them noted Rappa lived with his 97-year-old wife and rented out a portion of their home to a tenant. 

The son of the late man’s wife found Rappa unconscious when he spotted the garage door was open.

The daughter had to deliver the devastating news to the surviving widow.

The couple’s daughter Rappas’ daughter, believed to reside in Putnam County, tried to compel her parents to move in with her. 

However, they apparently couldn’t abandon their Bronx home.

“The daughter was devastated,” Jeremiah John told the Post. 

“She was crying when they went inside the house. 

“Her mother was in disbelief. She was like, ‘Oh, he made me breakfast this morning.'”

The man also didn’t keep much money in the home. 

“He never kept large amounts of cash on him,” one neighbor named Paul recalled in an interview with the Post.

“I know because I took him to buy stuff.

“I helped with repairs around the house, like small things.

"I helped him to put the AC up.

"His car broke down - he called me and I helped him out.”

Paul said he's seen Con Edison workers checking meters in the area recently. 

But legitimate utility workers show identification “to make sure you are who you say you are,” another neighbor named Mario told the Post.

“What I noticed is that predators have taken advantage of that,” he added. 

“So, if you are not aware of what is going on you gotta make sure who is knocking on your door.”

Rappa would be remembered as a cheery green thumb and devoted husband. 

“He was all about his yard and his garden,” Paul said.

“He went to the store, came home and cooked for his wife.”

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