Defence chiefs blocked probes into aliens because they believe they are demons, it is claimed.

Former Ministry of Defence civil servant Nick Pope said shadowy figures in Government have frustrated investigations.

He alleged some officials fear studying UFOs would "give ­energy to attention-seeking demons, feeding them somehow".

Nick says the theory has roots in the biblical description of Satan as "the prince of the ­power of the air".

He added: "It was extremely frustrating having to deal with what I felt was the intrusion of religion into a defence and ­national security issue.

"Both in the UK and in the US, Government investigations into UFOs have been hampered by push-back from senior officials.

Nick says the theory has roots in the biblical description of Satan

"Roadblocks were put up by people in Government who ­accepted the phenomenon but believed it was demonic.

"The belief seems to be that studying UFOs would give energy to attention-seeking demons, feeding them somehow, in a situation where the safest course of action is to ignore them.’"

Nick said he thinks some ­officials believe interacting with alien life is a "trap, dangerous and sacrilegious".

He claimed there are well-documented examples of ­religious push-back against the US intelligence agency probing UFOs, adding: "I believe this was a factor in the Ministry of Defence too."

It comes following the news that the US government is gearing up to share information about the "reality" of UFOs, according to one expert.

Luis 'Lue' Elizondo claims to be the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP), a secretive Pentagon unit that reportedly studied UFOs, between 2007 and 2012.

This groundbreaking programme, which reportedly had a budget of £16.5million allocated to it annually by the Department of Defence, is said to have been run from the fifth floor of Pentagon’s C RING in Washington DC and was tasked with investigating UFO sightings in the US and the rest of the world.

It is alleged that officials fear studyin UFOs

He now claims that a bombshell secretive new document slated for release in June touches down on the unexplainable.

"I think the government has acknowledged the reality of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)," Elizondo told The New York Post, despite signing what he refers to as a “lifelong” NDA before he resigned from the Pentagon in 2017.

He added: "I think they all want answers and I think they are all willing to ask the hard questions."