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Chelsea’s Champions League push fuelled by boozy Hell’s Angels advert Thomas Tuchel used as inspiration

CHELSEA’S rush for cup glory has been inspired by a boozy Hell’s Angels advert.

The Blues are chasing Champions League and FA Cup trophies this month.

The on-pitch evolution has been taking place throughout a season which threatened to implode, as Frank Lampard was sacked and replaced with Thomas Tuchel.

But the German, 47, has also been working to change the mentality of his stars - not least by using a two-minute advert featuring a pack of tattooed bikers to convince them not to be scared of anyone.

The players were left bemused several weeks ago when they were called together at the club’s Cobham training ground to watch what they thought was a tactical film.

Instead they were greeted by a video of a cinema packed full of Hell’s Angels in an ad made ten years ago by Carlsberg.

Chelsea stars exchanged quizzical looks as they watched a series of couples enter the cinema to be confronted by the unsettling audience, with only two seats available right in the middle of the bikers.

Some turned away immediately, visibly put off from taking a seat in among the 148-strong menacing audience, who were all staring at them as they walked into the auditorium.

But those who did take their seats were greeted with cheers, applause and a bottle of the drink - as the advert-makers proved a point of showing how people should not be frightened of situations.

Tuchel also made a point of telling his players they needed to be brave - and not scared of any situation or team who confronts them.


His message was that the players must always be confident in themselves and their ability to perform, overcoming any internal doubts they may have.

And the message obviously got through, as the Blues went on to see off LaLiga leaders Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals - before dealing with Real Madrid with ease in the last four.

It is just one of the off-the-wall tactics Tuchel has employed since arriving at Stamford Bridge to turn his group into one of the most efficient, difficult-to-beat teams around.

The Blues boss has even admitted he takes advice from his daughters’ school teacher for tips on how to be a leader and inspire - plus says he will use examples from all walks of life in an attempt to get his message home.

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