Charlotte Crosby is being forced quarantine in a hotel, with guards manning every corridor, after heading to Australia for work.

Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte revealed at the weekend that she was heading Down Under for six weeks to work on a new project but, in line with Australian coronavirus rules, she is now holed up in a hotel room for a two week stint of isolation.

As she waited to board a flight at start of her travels, Sunderland born star Charlotte did a Q&A with fans on Instagram and when asked if she was having to quarantine, the 30-year old replied: "It's the propa government quarentine (sic) there's no messing about they literally get you from the plane and literally take you to one of the random hotels and that's it.

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"From minute one you cannot leave the room, not even for air.

"They bring you food in brown paper bags and stuff. Very anxious about it but I have lots to be getting on with to keep me busy."

Charlotte also said she was concerned about what accommodation she'd find herself in but, after being pleasantly surprised by her home for the next two weeks, delivered on her promise to show fans the room.

The rather plush looking room has plenty of floor space which Charlotte has already been utilising for workouts, having had bits of gym equipment sent to her room.

Charlotte also told followers about the strict rules regarding answering the door for food and parcels, saying she'd been told to wait 20 seconds before opening the door to retrieve what has been left for her.

She added that there were guards manning all the corridors,. saying: "I couldn't even peek my head out!"