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Charlamagne tha God dismisses Biden’s ‘lip service’ apology for black voter gaffe and demands ‘real policy commitments’

CHARLAMAGNE tha God dismisses Biden's "lip service" apology for his black voter gaffe and demands "real policy commitments."

In an interview with the radio host last week, the presidential hopeful said "you ain't black" if you vote for Donald Trump over him in the 2020 election.

During an interview with MSNBC on Sunday, Charlamagne said: "I don't even care about the words and the lip service.

"The apology is cool but the best apology is actually a black agenda.

"You know, they got to make some real policy commitments to black people."

The Breakfast Club host also said that he would like to see the Democrat choose a black woman as his running mate.

He said: "I do hear a lot of people say, you know, we also want him to have a black woman running mate, you know, but not just any black woman running mate, one that's going to actually get in office and care that black people benefit from our presence there ...

"We need substance and significance over symbolism, and he's already committed to putting a black woman on the Supreme Court.

"So, I just want him and the Democratic Party to know that it's time to give back to the black community in a very tangible way."

On Friday, Biden apologized after receiving swift backlash for the quip.

“Perhaps I was much too cavalier,” Biden told the US Black Chamber of Commerce during a call hours after the interview aired.

"But nothing could be further from the truth," he said. "I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy."

During the interview, Charlamagne tha God talked to Biden about his record on racial issues and the possibility of him choosing a black, female running mate heading into November.

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