The expansion in a few weeks of the NHS mass ­vaccination programme to jab all 16 and 17-year-olds is a welcome move.

Experts on the Joint Committee on ­Vaccination and Immunisation deserve congratulations for reviewing decisions based on the latest data and changing their mind.

The drive will protect 1.4 million teenagers and everybody else.

When France, the US and a number of other countries are inoculating children as young as 12 there is a good case to consider lowering the age across the UK.

When schools go back after the summer holidays, sending fewer pupils home would also boost the education of a generation who have missed a lot of learning.

Beating the pandemic is ongoing and people are still dying yet infections below feared levels is giving us cautious optimism the worst is finally over.

Get real on pay

When the minimum wage is a pittance at £8.91 an hour for 23-year-olds upwards and as low as £4.30 for apprentices, employers who pay less deserve to be punished heavily.

Tory Ministers patting themselves on the back should be blushing that fines are so light that 191 were found to have underpaid more than 34,000 workers a collective £2.1million.

Publicly shaming the likes of Body Shop and Sheffield United, or adding £3.2m collected in penalties, isn’t enough.

We need the recommended real living wage of at least £9.50, and £10.85 in London, to be adopted in law, with heavy fines. Mistakes or cons would soon stop.

Flippin’ star

The sky is the limit for Britain’s youngest Olympian when, at the age of just 13, ­skateboarder Sky Brown jumped, twisted and flipped her way to a bronze medal.

She is also one of the smiliest winners and a huge social media following means we are likely to be cheering future successes for years.