T’Pau singer Carol Decker sought professional help after her boozing got out of hand in lockdown.

The 80s pop star, 63, said her alcohol intake grew in the past year due to boredom and depression.

She signed up for online psychotherapy and a mental health webinar which has helped her feel better.

But she has not quit altogether because she doesn’t consider herself an alcoholic and cannot imagine not having “large glass of wine” at the end of the day.

Carol said: “I never was a druggie ever, I tried some dope, not my thing. Tried a bit of coke, not my thing.

“My biggest vice is alcohol. So I would say that I’ve gotten myself into some bad states with booze. And I have, on many occasions, and even recently, especially with all the depression with lockdown, tried to get some kind of help, like whether it’s a bit of online psychotherapy or a webinar you can complete and try and change the way you think so you don’t rely on drink.

Carol Decker
She admitted her 'biggest vice is alcohol'

“But I find at the end of the day when I put my feet up, if I can’t have a large glass of wine, my life just isn’t worth living.

“So I have just had to learn to not drink to excess, which is easy to do if you’ve got the money. It’s so easy to indulge yourself and it’s available in the supermarkets, it’s everywhere, isn’t it.

“You do have a tiger by the tail. It’s something a lot of us need to do, it’s a release. I don’t want to be logical, I know it isn’t good for me, I don’t care.”

Carol Decker
The star sought professional help after her drinking got bad

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The China In Your Hand singer has also been reassured she is not an alcoholic by restaurateur husband Richard Coates.

She said on the Bought the T-Shirt podcast: “I would say I could behave myself a little bit better but as my husband says, ‘Darling, you’re not an alcoholic, you’re just worthless and weak.’ It’s like, ‘Just one more little one before I go to bed...’

“I’ve got a few friends who have given up the booze, Kim Wilde has given up for nearly three years. I’m just not there. I can’t imagine life without Sauvignon!”

Carol is concerned she can happily glug down a whole bottle of wine, which is considered a sign of problem drinking by Alcoholics Anonymous.

She said: “I do realise that is kind of weird. I’m not defending drinking, I do feel kind of stuck with it, and also I do enjoy it. I don’t know how to celebrate, socialise, relax, commiserate and accept defeat without it.”