A Carnforth councillor was left stunned when he discovered what he has described as a 'mysterious object' underneath his pizza.

Jim Grisenthwaite was shocked to find what he believed to be a dead frog underneath the crust of the Ham and Pineapple pizza he purchased from Sainsburys.

The councillor on Carnforth Town Council said he was left very unsatisfied by the shop’s response after he notified them of what he had found.

He returned the pizza on September 3, and received a letter acknowledging the complaint nine days later and a £50 voucher as compensation.

The letter informed him that the product team were unable to investigate the matter further. He said: “I find it incredible that the product quality team were unable to identify and isolate an object two inches in length that had no conceivable right to be in a pizza.

"I feel that with some justification that I was being fobbed off with assurances that my comments had been shared with Sainsbury’s buyer and supplier to ensure that everything is being done to prevent a recurrence.

“I am not seeking any financial gain here but I feel incensed and insulted that the response from Sainsbury’s amounted to no more than a cursory acknowledgement of my complaint and a “here’s a gift voucher, now go away”.

“I think at the very least I would like to see Sainsbury’s acknowledge that something serious had gone wrong in this case and make a gift donation to a local food bank. The supermarket said: “We are investigating further but believe some burned dough made the pizza look less appetising.We have apologised for this and are providing him with a gesture of goodwill.”