Little did any of us know that all hell would break loose.

That at 6pm, on June 1, a series of events would begin and lead us to a situation where the club and many of its fans are at loggerheads.

Yet the chain of events that kick-started when Carlo Ancelotti dropped everything for Real Madrid, have brought us to that point.

Sure, the Italian's shock dart for the Goodison exit door less than 18 months into his reign did not force Farhad Moshiri to seriously consider making Rafa Benitez his replacement, but it did force him into looking for a new manager, when he wasn't expecting to and at a time when the market was hardly awash with stand-out candidates.

Ancelotti left Everton in the lurch.

Just over a month before the players were due back at Finch Farm, he left the Blues high and dry.

A week after sitting down with Marcel Brands to finalise summer transfer plans and talk about new contracts for certain players, Ancelotti left Everton hanging.

He is now part of the club's past, of course, but the 62-year-old seems to have got off lightly in that he was the man to create a situation that has, progressively, become uglier in his absence.

Everton were not looking for a new manager, they were planning for the future with Ancelotti, who had spoken at length about wanting to build a legacy and lead the club into a new stadium.

But those remarks have been made to look hollow as, almost 18 days later, the Blues continue the search for the man to fill his shoes.

And it has gone from a hunt that, at first, drew apathy at the names being considered, to one which has provoked anger among many, as the prospect of appointing Benitez draws closer to becoming a reality.

Ancelotti, in his defence, said the offer from Real was "unexpected" and he has never made secret of the fact that the Bernabeu holds a special place in his heart. Madrid is a special city for his family, too.

And maybe there is more to it than his emotions taking control but nothing other than what was written in his brief statement, has come to light thus far.

As we take stock of a fifth managerial chase in as many years, and look at the strength of feeling among some supporters, Ancelotti's decision to abandon his Everton 'project' leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

The Blues had only themselves to blame for the chaos and disruption caused when Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Sam Allardyce and Marco Silva left the club, but not this time.

Ancelotti, who they believed was building something despite the failure to secure European qualification, bailed on Everton.

The volatile nature of life at Real means that there is a strong possibility he will be out of a job in less than 18 months' time, whereas he had the keys to the kingdom in his palm at Goodison, a place that offered him much of what he said he wanted.

Apparently not. Him leaving has created a vacuum which has been filled with candidates that have either underwhelmed or got under people's skin.

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What Ancelotti's exit has also done, once again, is leave many supporters asking: what is the strategy?

And so if this deeply unpleasant episode, from start to finish, can yield some good it's not only the appointment of a new manager who brings success, but also the club being able to explain what the plan is.

Although it was never explained what it entailed, Ancelotti was the plan - so what is it if Benitez is appointed?

It is not a long-term appointment, you have to assume, so do we need to forget the notion of the club finding a young coach and building from the bottom?

Are Everton following the Chelsea model of finding managers for the here and now in the pursuit of quicker success?

Fine, no problem, but supporters do need to hear what the strategy is. And where does Marcel Brands fit into this?

There are many questions hanging over Goodison right now but, of course, the first one that needs answering is obvious.