Two care workers forced a disabled woman to chase after food while they filmed her and laughed, police said.

Eileen Dougherty, 39, and Lisa Ann Wall, 41, are accused of making the developmentally disabled woman chase after and eat pieces of chicken they threw in the yard, basement and bathroom floor of a group home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

According to police, ten separate videos show Dougherty and Wall throwing a piece of chicken in different places at the group home, which also included the porch and bushes.

They would then tell the woman to retrieve the chicken. Police said the women could be heard cackling in the videos, according to WNEP.

Wall and Dougherty, who reportedly work for The Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania, were taken into police custody on Thursday morning.

They were both arrested on ten counts of abuse of a care-dependent person.



‘When people are entrusted to take care of your loved one, and they violate that trust, it’s something in society that should really be frowned upon by everybody,’ Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano told WNEP.

Following Wall and Dougherty’s arrest, executive director for the Arc of Northeastern Pennsylvania Maryclaire Kretsch disavowed their alleged actions.

‘This is not who we are, certainly not who we are,’ said Kretsch, who explained the organization does background checks on all of its employees.

‘So, no, this is certainly not what we would expect. Yet there’s an element of trust. We can’t be there 24 hours a day. We trust that our staff will provide proper care,’ she sad.

Dougherty has reportedly admitted to taking the video and sending them to her ex-boyfriend.

Both she and Wall said the victim’s were made ‘in poor taste’ and they never intended to hurt the victim.

They are being held at the Lackawanna County Prison with bail set at $50,000.