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Carabao Cup extra-time rules: Does League Cup have penalties after 90 minutes or is extra time used after a draw?

THE CARABAO CUP is back as clubs go head-to-head in the quarter-finals, aiming to break Man City's stranglehold.

Liverpool take on Aston Villa on Tuesday, while Man Utd, Leicester and Everton are among the teams in action on Wednesday.

Does the Carabao Cup go to penalties after 90 minutes?

All Carabao Cup matches EXCEPT the final go straight to penalties after 90 minutes.

Clubs voted in June 2018 to remove extra time from League Cup matches from the following season.

This means that if a tie finishes in a draw it will go straight to penalties.

The EFL said that the change would help reduce fatigue in players after the midweek games.

But this year's final at Wembley will retain the traditional system with penalties taking place only after extra time.

Does the Carabao Cup use ABBA penalties?

The ABBA penalty format was introduced in 2017 but scrapped after just one season.

ABBA penalties effectively means the order of kicks taken in a shootout is similar to the serve in a tennis tie-break, with the first team taking one penalty, then both alternating in taking two.

Is VAR used in the Carabao Cup?

VAR is being used in the Premier League this season after clubs voted to bring it in for the 2019/20 season.

However, it was scrapped for this year's competition.