Pubs and bars in England are reopening along with a great many other businesses amid sweeping lockdown changes on what’s being referred to as ‘Super Saturday’.

However, even though restrictions are slowing being scaled back, the lockdown itself isn’t over yet and we are still very much in a pandemic.

That’s why there are safety measures in place which need to be observed to ensure that businesses are ‘Covid-secure’.

With that comes changes to what we might think of as the typical pub experience.


So, without any further ado, here’s what you need to know about whether you can pull at the pub this weekend…



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Can you take someone home from the pub?

Unfortunately current lockdown guidelines in England state that you cannot interact with anyone who isn’t in the group you are visiting the pub or bar with.

This applies even if you see other people you know while you’re out.

When it comes to who you can go to the pub with in the first place, people are limited to groups of no more than two households including their own.

You’ll also have to maintain social distancing, which now means keeping at least one metre away from those who are not members of your household or ‘support bubble’ – which is a form of extended household whereby single parents to anyone under 18 and people living alone can effectively join up with another household as if they were one.

On top of that, while you’re now allowed to spend the night away from your home with members of one other household, you should not eschew social distancing measures anyone who is not a member of your household and/or support bubble.

All of this combines to make pulling someone and complying with government guidelines nigh on impossible.

As for other countries in the UK, outdoor areas of pubs in Wales aren’t going to be open until July 13, and, on the subject of social distancing indoors, the Welsh Government website reads: ‘There is a low risk of infection if the 2 metre physical distancing rule is maintained while outdoors, but low risk does not mean no risk, so although you can do this, please think about whether you should do this.’

It also states that ‘social distancing when meeting anyone not from your household is still essential to stop the spread of the virus.’

Beer gardens will be open in Scotland from 6 July and indoor areas pf pubs are expected to open on 15 July, however at the time of writing social distancing measures still apply for anyone who isn’t in your household or ‘extended household’.

The Scottish Governement website currently states: ‘Meeting members of any household other than your own indoors, without a reasonable excuse (such as providing assistance to a person at risk), is not permitted.’

In Northern Ireland, pubs reopened from 3 July, but overnight stays away from home for anyone not in a support bubble are not allowed and, while indoor meetups are allowed, social distancing ‘where possible’ is still recommended.



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