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Can you match the basic task to the celebrity who can’t do it after Jose Mourinho said he’s useless at cooking


WHEN Spurs boss Jose Mourinho confessed he is useless at cooking, cleaning and ironing, he joined a long line of celebrities with an inability to do everyday things – from the straightforward to the strange.

So we put together a quiz to see if you can guess who can’t do what. Match the tasks from one to nine to the celeb. Check the answers at the end. . .

Which celeb can't...

1. ...say the word penguin?

2. ...make a cup of tea?

3. ...smell food?

4. ...swim a stroke?

5. in UK elections?

6. ...wink an eye?

7. ...whistle for attention?

8. ...taste any food?

9. a car?


A. Rihanna

B. Perrie Edwards

C. Noel Gallagher

D. Jade Thirlwall

E. Phil Neville

F. Benedict Cumberbatch

G. James Cracknell

H. Liam Gallagher

I. The Queen


1F - Benedict Cumberbatch can't say the word penguin

2E - England women’s footie boss Phil Neville can't make a cup of tea

3B - Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards can't smell food

4H - former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher can't swim a stroke

5I - The Queen can't vote in UK elections

6A - Rihanna can't wink an eye

7D -Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall struggles to whistle for attention

8G - Former rower and Strictly contestant James Cracknell can't taste any food

9C - High Flying Birds singer Noel Gallagher can't drive a car

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