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"You can't tax the country out of recession." Tory MP fuel prices are furious as they warn Rishi to act now.

In addition to the news and advice of Rishi Sunak's economic policy blamed by Redwood

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Living expensesThe crisis has taken hold of Britain due to soaring fuel prices. The Russian war in Ukraine that began on February 24th.Gasolineis £ 60 per liter higher than it was 12 months ago and is dangerously close to the unwanted milestone of £ 2 per liter. Gasoline prices per liter on Friday exceeded 190p from 188.70p earlier last week, but a year ago it was only £ 131.32 per liter.

Dieselprices approached £ 2 per liter, setting a record of 198.46p per liter at the end of last week, rising from 196.06. did. p Just a few days ago.

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Living expenses Coupled with the crisis, we are now afraid that the UK economy is dangerously approaching a devastating recession.

Earlier this month, inflation surged further to a record high of 9.1%, forcing the Bank of England to raise interest rates to 1.25, warning that it could worsen in the future.

Conservative Sir John Redwood warned in a Twitter post: "It is not possible to tax the country from the recession.

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Fuel Price: As prices soared, Lishi Snack was asked to reduce the fuel tax(Image: GETTY)

fuel prices uk

Fuel price: The cost of gasoline for drivers soars(Image: GETTY)

"If the Ministry of Finance keeps trying to tax us more, we're in a worse recession.

" Fuel is too important. So reduce taxes. "

Last week, Sir John again called on the government to cut taxes, which was the reason for the defeat of two supplementary elections, including the Devon constituencies of Tiberton and Honiton. Suggested. The majority of 24,000 people.

Tory lawmakers said in a tweet following the party's disastrous consequences:

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The country cannot be taxed due to the recession. If the Treasury keeps trying to tax us more, it will put us in a worse slump. Fuel is so important, let's reduce taxes.

— John Redwood (@johnredwood)June 26, 2022

"They are not taxed or bossed by the government , I want to be on their side. "

He wrote in another tweet: This year he has been forced to raise too many taxes to give us a recession. why.

In another tweet, Sir John wrote: The state could be better at their expense with much higher taxes because they didn't vote for the Conservatives.

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Fuel Price: The Prime Minister(Image: GETTY)

He recently claimed to be doing everything possible to help the British. Faced with the highest inflation since the beginning, it announced further support for households that are expected to peak above 11. October percentage.

{14 5} The next budget will take place in the fall, when Snack is expected to make many important announcements, but millions of British have taken solid action before that. I want to take it.

Last week, the Prime Minister claimed that the government was "taking a balanced approach" and as much as possible to help tackle living expenses while on track to reduce debt. Claimed to be doing that.

He also emphasized the importance of being "financially responsible" to ensure that future generations "will not suffer from higher debt repayments."

cost of living crisis

Fuel price: Of household energy charges Breakdown(Image: EXPRESS)

Sunak said:

"That's why we take a balanced approach. Using financial firepower to target living expenses while on track to reduce debt. We support.

"Financial responsibility now means that future generations will not be burdened with higher debt repayments and will be able to secure their economy in the long run."