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Can I travel to Turkey? Quarantine rules and coronavirus restrictions explained

BRITISH tourists have been given the green light for Turkey this summer.

The country remains on the UK government included the country on the "safe" travel list, but there are local rules that you should be aware of before you go.

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Spain was recently removed from the safe travel list at short notice, meaning Brits now face a two-week quarantine when returning to the UK.

While Turkey's travel advice is unlikely to change, holidaymakers may have concerns for trips abroad.

Last year, approximately 2.5m Brits visited the country, with an average spend of £530 per holiday.

The local currency is plunging too, making things much cheaper while you're out there.

Trips are also available for a bargain right now, including:

While daily cases of Covid-19 remain high at around 1,000, new infections have fallen every day for the past week - active infections have fallen from approximately 20,000 on July 1 to less than 11,000 this week.

Here is everything you need to know about travelling to Turkey this year.

Can I travel to Turkey on holiday now?

A holiday to Turkey from the UK has been possible since July 10, with no quarantine when returning home.

Not only will Brits not have to quarantine when arriving in the UK, but they also won't need to isolate for two weeks on arrival.

The advice from the UK Foreign Office explains: "Since June 12, the Turkish government has reopened its international land, sea and air borders."

"All passengers, of all nationalities, who meet Turkish immigration rules are permitted entry to Turkey from June 12."

Visas are not needed but passports must have at least six months validity.

What are the current restrictions in Turkey I need to know about?

All tourists have to have medical checks when entering the country, as well as fill in a passenger locator form, but won't be forced to isolate.

Plans have also been drawn up to allow tourists to be tested for Covid-19 at hotels provided they have a “safe tourism certificate,” according to local media.

The test will reportedly cost 30 euros.

If the test is positive, however, then you will have to go into quarantine, and will need to stay at a private medical facility in Turkey at your own expense.

You must wear a mask in public places such as markets, supermarkets, hairdressers and barbers as well as public transport and taxis.

If you are caught not wearing a mask then you could be fined 900TL.

Mandatory masks are in place across 81 different regions, with beaches also included, and tourists face £100 fines if they are caught not wearing one.

Anyone wishing to use public transport must get an “HES” code (“Hayat Eve Sığar”). This can be done through the e-Devlet system, the HES smartphone application and by SMS.

Some beaches are enforcing new social distancing guidelines.

Sunbathing squares, smoking bans and restricted access to large groups have all been put into place at a number of beaches.

Are flights running to Turkey?

Turkish Airlines resumed flights from London Gatwick to Antalya in June.

Most budget airlines are now flying to Turkey, but please make sure you check with your provider before departure.

Holidays abroad have also dropped in price over the summer as the country moves to recover its tourism industry.

What you can expect on holiday in Turkey as beaches ban smoking and enforce sunbathing 'compartments'

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