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Cameras installed to stop fly-tipping plague at East Lancashire beauty spot

CAMERAS are being installed at a lay-by which has become a magnet for fly-tippers.

The layby on Bacup Road between Burnley and Bacup has been the victim of industrial scale dumping in recent months.

County council bosses suspect it to be the work of professional fly tippers who have collected the waste from businesses and residents before making several visits to the layby to dispose of it.

Lancashire County Council has now arranged for remote cameras to be installed as a deterrent, and gather evidence for prosecutions in case of further incidents.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "It beggars belief that anyone should deliberately damage our environment in this way.

"We've been working with Burnley Council and the adjoining landowner to clear up after these incidents, and monitor the site as best we can, however we now need to take further action to deter further incidents.

"The quantities of waste being dumped, and the steepness of the terrain, make it particularly difficult and expensive to clean up, which is why we're now investing in remote cameras to monitor this area."

The cameras being installed today are a temporary emergency measure.

They will be sited on the ground at the entrances to the layby to provide an immediate deterrent to further fly-tipping and allow time for consideration of more permanent measures.

A sign is also being installed to alert anyone using the layby that they are being filmed. The cameras cover the layby and surrounding area.

County Councillor Iddon added: "This is not something we would usually choose to do, but unfortunately the criminals have left us no choice.

"There have been a number of fly tipping incidents at this site in recent weeks, and we don't want them to take advantage of the Easter weekend, and the fact that the coronavirus situation means the roads are quieter, to blight our landscape any further.

"The signs and cameras are accompanied by lighting and provide a live feed to a remote recording station.

"Anyone who should attempt to fly-tip at this location should be left in no doubt that we will use any evidence gathered to prosecute them.

"I would ask anyone with any intelligence about fly tipping to contact us so that we can work with Burnley Council to investigate."

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