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Call of Duty Season 4 LIVE: Warzone & Cold War news and rumours ahead of huge update


We’re going to be covering all the latest Cold War and Warzone news live as it happens.

Season 3 officially ended on Tuesday, June 15.

And after a brief pause, action will resume again with the launch of Season 4 on Thursday, June 17.

We’ll be seeing big changes to Warzone’s Verdansk, which is now littered with crashed satellites.

More interesting is a series of mysterious red doors that will be popping up across the map.

And Cold War is getting some updates too, with new guns, modes and Operators.

That’s not even counting the four new maps that will land in-game during Season 4.

Stay with us for the latest Call of Duty Season 4 news…


    There’s a new Warzone game mode called Verdansk Resurgence Mini.

    It’s like regular Resurgence, but it’s moving from Rebirth Island to Verdansk.

    “Now every kill counts even more towards victory,” says Activision.

    There’s no Gulag, a Resurgence timer, special supply boxes, sight on enemy positions after eliminations, and smaller lobby sizes of 44 to 45 Operators.

    Games start in a compact drop-zone set to a random position in Verdansk.

    The first circle is skipped to create a very small, dense and busy arena.

    You’ll find items more frequently, and of better quality.

    And games will typically be shorter than a standard Warzone match.

    But the best news is that the game mode will support Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads.

    This new game mode is available from Season 4 launch.


    The Season 4 patch is now rolling out across platforms.

    You won’t be able to play Season 4 Warzone content until it goes live at the time in our previous blog post.

    But prepare for some mammoth downloads…


    Season 3 saw the addition of Nakatomi Plaza – an iconic Die Hard movie location.

    So popular has the tower proven that it’s being kept on in Verdansk for the foreseeable future.

    It’s getting a few tweaks, including a rebranding as Downtown Town.

    And its cash-flush vault has been permanently opened and cleared of valuables.

    The tower will remain strategically important, and its close-quarters interior will offer all the same tactical joy as before.


    So here’s a quick reminder of when you can play the new season.

    The season goes live at 9pm Californian time on June 15 for Black Ops Cold War.

    And Warzone will receive its update at 9pm Californian time on June 16.

    For Brits, those updates will come at 5am on the following days – due to the eight-hour time difference.

    Meanwhile New Yorkers can enjoy the new updates from midnight.


    Dirt Bikes are coming to Warzone – because why not?

    Activision has dubbed the new vehicles “terror on two wheels”.

    And these new bikes promise epic agility, rapid transit and a certain amount of cool factor that the giant trucks don’t provide.

    Of course, you’ll be highly vulnerable to enemy fire.

    But a skilled motorcyclist will easily dodge sniper fire from all but the most capable sharpshooters.

    Activision has built in some special handling properties, however.

    So you’ll have to contend with “wheel traction, sliding, drifting and vehicle leaning”.

    “Allowing you to take epic hairpin turns, dodge oncoming fire, or pull off sick stunts by controlling your orientation in the air,” Activision reveals.

    You’ll also be able to use all Dirt Bike skins unlocked in Black Ops Cold War – even via previous Battle Passes or Store Bundles.


    Hate the Standoff Gulag with its crooked design and awkward stairs? Activision has an update for you…

    There’s a NEW (again) Gulag called Hijacked Gulag.

    And you’ll be pleased to hear that all of the verticality has been abandoned for a simpler, floor-level design.

    Activision has recreated the new Hijacked map’s central area with plywood.

    So you might want to get in a few games of Multiplayer on Hijacked proper to get a feel for the space.


    Perhaps the most mysterious addition to Warzone is the Red Doors.

    You’ll find a number of them scattered around Verdansk, but we’re not exactly sure what they’ll do.

    A quick check-in with Activision is hardly illuminating…

    “They allow you to [[REDACTED]] around the [[REDACTED]]. What’s behind them? Explore and enter them to [[REDACTED]] across the [[REDACTED]].

    “Red Doors won’t [[REDACTED]] unless you ping them, and after you step through, there’s no telling [[REDACTED]] exiting out the other side… and stepping into a [[REDACTED]].”

    Looks like the only way to find out will be to head down to Verdansk…


    Warzone is also getting some exciting upgrades with Season 4.

    Players will notice several satellites that have crash-landed around Verdansk.

    They’re not on the tac-map, but you won’t miss them either: they’ll have destroyed the local area with impressive force.

    You’ll be able to fight on, under and around them.

    But they’ll also serve as securable points-of-interest that will ultimately lead to rewards.


    Close your eyes, Xbox fans – this one’s for PlayStation only.

    Zombies players on PlayStation will get to enjoy brand new Season 4 content for Onslaught.

    This includes a new map (Collateral) at launch, with new story intel to discover too.

    During the season, you’ll face off against zombies on Rush – another new Multiplayer map.

    You can also fight at faster speeds in a limited-time mode called Onslaught Accelerated.

    Finally, players can secure a Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint for completing an Onslaught challenge.


    A new chapter in the Cold War Zombies story begins with Mauer dear Toten.

    It takes place after the events of Outbreak’s Operation Excision.

    You’ll take on brand new horrors in East Berlin, which has been overrun by a zombie horde…of course.

    We don’t have all the details yet, but Activision says to expect plenty of “twists, turns and terrifying undead threats”.


    Activision is introducing a brand new Scorestreak for Season 4.

    It’s a handgun, which sounds a bit rubbish at first – but it’s a true beast.

    It delivers lethal damage anywhere on the body.

    And it’ll do a fair whack of damage to enemy vehicles too.

    Though you only get eight rounds in the chamber, so we’d recommend saving your shots for foes-on-foot.


    An absolute Multiplayer classic returns: Capture the Flag.

    This iconic objective mode hardly needs an introduction, tried and tested across shooters aplenty.

    Your squad will be tasked with snatching the enemy’s flag and returning it home.

    But don’t slack on defence: it’s key to preventing the other team from scooping a sneaky win.

    Capture the Flag isn’t available at launch, but will land during Season 4 as its own featured playlist on 6v6 maps.


    One in the Chamber returns for the launch of Season 4.

    This Black Ops classic gives you three lives and one highly lethal bullet.

    Hitting an enemy anywhere will steal one of their lives, and give you another bullet.

    And melee attacks are also lethal in this chaotic free-for-all massacre.


    One of the new game modes is Multi-Team: Sat Link.

    It’s available from launch, and riffs on the usual Multi-Team format.

    You’ll need to power up and keep your satellite online for as long as possible.

    And you’ll be earning points against nine other quad-teams in the Ural Mountains.

    The first team to reach the score limit bags the win.


    So we’ve got new Operators, new guns, new maps…but that’s not all.

    Activision is also doling out a healthy selection of new Multiplayer modes to enjoy.

    One of them is brand new, never-before-seen, and thoroughly exciting.

    And two are returning favourites, to appease the fans.

    Let’s take a look shortly…


    The final map in the new line-up is Rush – a 6v6 arena coming during Season 4.

    It’ll be familiar to Call of Duty veterans, as it’s also returning from Black Ops 2.

    And there are a few spots for long-range warfare too…


    Iconic Black Ops 2 map Hijacked as returned.

    You’ll be playing 6v6 games on the hijacked superyacht, with fighting available on all decks.

    That includes a boiler room and even a central area with a hot tub.

    Activision even has a top tip for new players…

    “As any Black Ops veteran player can attest to, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for a vent around this section of the boat.

    “It may be big enough to fit an equipment piece through, and it could help your squad clear out areas that hold important objectives.”

    This map will be available at Season 4’s launch.


    Another new map available at launch is Amsterdam.

    It’s a smaller map designed for 2v2 and 3v3 gameplay.

    That means you’ll be enjoying it in Gunfight and Face Off game modes.

    You’ll recognise the rooftops from opening Cold War mission ‘Nowhere Left to Run’.

    Expect close-quarters fire and fury…


    First in the line-up of new maps is Collateral.

    The main map is 12v12, but there’s a separate version called Collateral Strike designed for 6v6 gameplay.

    You’ll be playing as either NATO or the Warsaw Pact in an abandoned Algerian village.

    It’s the unfortunate location of a CIA satellite crash site, with trimmings of a oil-drilling operator and some sand dunes.

    Activision explains: “These areas, along with the satellite and village, offer a variety of quick engagement opportunities.

    “Whether you’re chasing enemies up and down the buildings or using the terrain and satellite parts for natural and environmental cover.”

    The 12v12 version of the map includes vehicular combat, naturally.


    If you’re growing bored of the current selection of maps on offer, fear not.

    Activision is hoping to excite you with a selection of four Multiplayer maps – available across a range of modes and team-sizes.

    There are 2v2, 3v3, 6v6 and 12v12 options, so truly something for everyone.

    We’ll take a look at the new maps shortly…


    OK, maybe I lied about the Nail Gun being the most bizarre new weapon…

    That’s because Call of Duty Season 4 introduces a Mace – a brand new melee tool.

    Such is its heft and stopping power that you can take down a foe with a single blow in Multiplayer.

    Of course, it is a large and heavy chunk of metal…so don’t expect the same agility as a Ballistic Knife.

    You can unlock the Mace by competing in-game challenges, or buying picking it up via a bundle.

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