Popular bus services could be re-routed during the evening evenings due to 'regular' vandalism and safety concerns.

In recent weeks, buses on Diamond North West's 36 and 37 routes have had their windows smashed, with the most recent incident happening in Little Hulton yesterday (June 22).

Diamond North West decided to temporarily divert the Bolton to Piccadilly Gardens service away from Kenyon Way.

Bosses have admitted that it is a diversion that could become more permanent.

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In a post on Facebook, the company wrote: "Due to incidents on Kenyon Way we have had to divert the 36 down Armitage Avenue and Madamswood Road as bus windows are being broken.

"We have to think about the safety of our passengers and drivers."

A spokesman added: "Vandalism is a regular thing. We probably get it on our network at least once a week.

"One of our 36/37 branded buses had two windows smashed the other week.

"The re-routing was for last night only, however we are looking into the possibility of missing out certain areas in the evenings."

People living in Kenyon Way say that the issues with anti-social behaviour and buses being targeted have been going on for 'years'.

"It's nothing new," one resident told the Manchester Evening News.

"A few years ago bus drivers actually stopped going down Kenyon Way and I think that went on for a couple of years."

One of the bus shelters on the road has also been targeted by vandals.

The bus shelter has also been vandalised
A vandalised bus shelter in Kenyon Way, Little Hulton

Another neighbour commented: "They're old enough to know how dangerous it is.

"It could seriously injure or even kill a passenger if they're hit by a brick.

"I just think the parents should be prosecuted for stuff like this. How do they not know what their kids are up to?"

The woman said that equipment at Peel Park, which is behind the estate, has also been vandalised in the past.

She added: "It's just selfish.

"Elderly people have been stuck inside for the past year and they won't be able to get out because there won't be any buses.

"It just ruins the hard work that everyone else does in trying to make it a nice community to live in."

A 36 bus at the stop in Kenyon Way
A 36 bus at the stop in Kenyon Way

Earlier this year, Vision Bus suspended their number 8 service from Wigan to Leigh after youths hurled a brick through the window of a bus.

Three months earlier, Diamond announced its popular 501 service would no longer go through the notorious Johnson Fold estate in Bolton.