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Burnley students hold Bollywood-themed dance extravaganza

The students following their performance.
The students following their performance.

A group of Year 5 children from a Burnley school have been learning various different dances from around the world as part of their P.E. lessons.

The students at Reedley Primary School have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Coach Amy from Burnley Football Club, who put them through their paces as they finished their learning by completing a Bollywood-themed dance extravaganza, dressing in Bollywood outfits for the final routine.

Coach Amy said: "I was amazed by their talent and commitment to this term's dance topic and cannot wait for new year to work with the Reedley team once again," while Mrs Hardman and Miss Brown both said how proud they were of the class and their commitment to producing three new dances this term.