Two elderly people have been conned out of £4,900 after being targeted by fraudsters.

Earlier this week, police received a number of reports that courier fraud had taken place in two different areas of Burnley.

In each instance, the victims were targeted with phone calls from an individual claiming to be from the bank or the police.

Both pensioners were told not to inform any friends or family, and were asked to withdraw large volumes of cash, or purchase euros, and hand them over to a ‘courier’ who would later visit their property with a pre-agreed code word.

A spokesperson for the police said: "In one instance, an 80-year-old victim in the Coalclough area was visited by a black male who was approximately 5ft 9ins tall and of slim build.

"He was wearing a black bubble jacket and a black hat, dark trousers and a black and blue rucksack.

"The second victim, a 90-year-old in the Lanehead area was paid a visit by an Asian man, who is described as being in his 20's, of slim build and tall, wearing a dark coloured jacket with yellow writing on the back.

"He had moustache and a beard, and wore a dark woolly hat and was described as 'good looking'."

Each victim handed over £4,900 to the scammers.

Police believe the offences are linked and are now urging people to remain vigilant.

The spokesperson added: "This type of offence is rare in Lancashire and is usually committed by offenders travelling from other parts of the country.

"Although these offences took place in Burnley it is quite possible that the offenders will be working in other areas of Lancashire or neighbouring counties.

"Clearly, these instances are highly emotive and extremely distressing for the victims, who are now left feeling vulnerable and without their cash over the festive period.

"Fraudsters are highly persuasive and use an array of systems and tactics to appear like legitimate organisations.

"In both of these instances mentioned, the fraudsters held the victims phone line open all day to ensure that should the victim call their genuine bank or police, they could intercept the call.

"We want to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of this type of scam and the fact that banks, police and HMRC will never ask for PIN numbers, ask people to take cash out of their accounts or send anyone to collect cash.

"Please keep an eye on any older friends or family members and talk to them about this type of offence.

"If you are provided with a number to ring or asked to ring another number do not do this.

"Your phone line will be left open and you will still be speaking to the same offenders."

If you have information or concerns regarding Courier Fraud you can call 101, or 999 if it’s an emergency.