A Paisley builder has led a protest outside a consulate over a defect bricks scandal.

Andy McGrath organised the demonstration on the steps of the Irish Consul in Edinburgh on Monday.

He is backing the fight against the Irish Government which is accused of failing to regulate concrete brick production.

Protesters says homes have crumbled because the bricks contain too much mica aggregate.

The Irish Government has already agreed to pay 90 per cent of rebuild costs, but not the thousands of pounds it costs for surveys.

Andy McGrath, who has family in Ireland affected by the crumbing brickwork, said: “This is a scandal of huge proportions that has caused untold grief and heartache to people whose homes are affected by these defective concrete building blocks.

“There are many thousands of first, second and third generation Irish people living in Scotland who have family and friends whose lives have been turned upside down because their homes are literally falling down around them.

“In Donegal alone, where I have family, there are more than 5000 homes which have become uninhabitable because of the excess mica in the brickwork.”

He handed a letter of protest demanding all costs are met to Jane McCulloch, the Irish Consul General for Scotland.

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