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Brooklyn Beckham’s tattoos explained including his FIVE tributes to fiancee Nicola Peltz

BROOKLYN Beckham has unveiled a huge new neck tattoo dedicated to his fiancee Nicola Peltz and a love letter she wrote him.

The sweet tribute is one of five inkings he has dedicated to Nicola with the 21-year-old boasting an impressive collection of tats all over his body.

From the cryptic numbers on his arm to the touching nod to his parents, few parts of his body have remained untouched.

Here we reveal the meaning behind some of Brooklyn’s most famous tattoos…

Love letter

His latest inking is just below across the top of his back and is of a love letter the 26-year-old wrote for him.

It reads: "My forever boy. Read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are.

"You have the kindest heart I've ever met and hope I never go a day without your love.

"I think you are so incredible. Just we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust. I love you beyond.

"Love always, your future wifey."

My life

Earlier this week, Brooklyn showed off another tattoo tribute to Nicola on his arm.

"My life, my love, my truth, my breath, my reason, my beauty, my precious," the new tattoo read.

Nicola shared a picture of her fiance's new inking on her Instagram stories as he rested his arm on her leg.


Earlier this month the 21-year-old got his fiancee's late grandmother's name tattooed onto his arm in a sweet birthday gift.

The 26-year-old actress was understandably emotional by the gesture, with her beloved grandma Gina passing away on her 25th birthday last year.


And perhaps the most obvious tribute to his love is the enormous pair of eyes he has inked on the back of his neck.

The peepers are the exact copy of Nicola’s.

He also has his partner’s name permanently written on his neck.

The dancer 

Back in 2018 made a special trip to celebrity favourite Bang Bang Tattoos in New York where he added to his extensive leg tattoos.

The tattoo is believed to be a dedication to his younger sister Harper Seven who isa budding dancer herself.


At first glance, you may think Brooklyn’s arm tattoo is just a series of numbers, but they actually have significant value for the star. 

Each represents the birth year of his three siblings, as Romeo James was born in 2002, Cruz in 2005, and Harper Seven in 2011. 

However, the tattoo could also have two meanings as dad David Beckham's birthday is May 2, which could link to the "02" and "05" as well. 


A no-brainer when it comes to figuring out the meaning of this one.

Just a month before he added the dancer to his collection, the budding photographer has the word 'mum' wrapped around a rose-covered heart inked on his left arm.

The inking was once again the work of Bang Bang Tattoos.

Mama’s Boy

In 2019 body art fan Brooklyn proudly displayed yet another tribute to Victoria Beckham with "mama's boy" standing out on his left pec.


When it comes to tributes to David, Brooklyn has a touching nod to his dad just above his navel.

The word Buster is inked there, which was his dad’s nickname for him when he was born.


A second tribute to the footballer can be found below Brooklyn's thumb, 1975, the year David was born.

The cherubs

In 2018 the Beckham’s eldest proved his dad is a big ink-spiration after getting an angel tattoo on his chest similar to David's famous etching.

They are not identical to the 43-year-old football star's intricate family scene but they are in the same position on his left pec.

Made in England

Back in 2017 Brooklyn wanted to right a few wrongs with his new tattoo, which was proof that he wasn't conceived in New York like everyone thinks.

The firstborn of Victoria and David Beckham was in fact "Made In England" as per his inking.


Just a week after he got his very first tattoo, Brooklyn proved himself to be as avid fan of ink as his dad as he got his second, a camera.

The hyper realistic inking by Dr Woo paid homage to his chosen career and passion for photography.

Native American

At 18, Brookyln was quick to follow in his father’s footsteps when it came to his very first tattoo, a Native American chief, a replica of one David has.

However, Brooklyn's tattoo of a Native American in traditional headdress was met with a fierce backlash online, with some calling his choice ‘disrespectful.’

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