Temperatures are predicted to soar next week with forecasters expecting a mini-heatwave and 22C sunshine.

According to forecaster WXCharts, the mercury for many areas in the UK will reach 18C due to a blast of hot air from the Atlantic before climbing to above 20 degrees celsius.

On Saturday, May 22, parts of the South East and north of England could see highs of 22C.

But before the glorious weather returns the country will be lashed by yet more torrential downpours and thunderstorms today and throughout this week.

The Met Office said that Wednesday will see a mix of 'sunny spells and showers', with some being heavy and persistent particularly in the south later on.

It comes after torrential weather struck the UK (


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While the grim weather will continue during the week some forecasters are predicting much warmer temperatures soon.

Aidan McGivern at the Met Office said of today's weather forecast: "On the whole the weather is unsettled but it's not raining everywhere all the time.

Today will see sunny spells and rainfall (



"There will be some sunshine first thing for some southern and eastern areas but quite quickly you can see during the morning those showers start popping up quite randomly once again.

"For most it's a day of sunny spells and showers."

Temperatures are set to rise to the mid-teens in most areas of the UK with the coldest spots in the far north.

Temperatures will be mild

Hot air from the Atlantic could bring warmer weather to some (



On Thursday more heavy rain is likely to batter the country.


Rain clearing northwards across Scotland, though persisting in the far north and northeast with low cloud. Sunny spells and showers elsewhere, some heavy and slow-moving. More persistent rain reaching southern England later.


Showers mostly dying out. Rain across parts of southern England, heavy in places, moving north into east Wales. Patchy light rain and drizzle affecting northern Scotland.


Rain across southern England and Wales turning more showery. Another day of sunny spells and showers for most, some heavy. Cool and cloudy in the northeast.