Pubs across England were packed on Saturday as the first weekend out of lockdown was graced with glorious weather.

There were already predictions that today’s ‘Super Saturday’ would see an estimated 6 million pints downed by people desperate to meet their loved ones and enjoy their new freedoms. 

Many hospitality venues had already ordered in extra barrels and overstaffed their rotas in preparation for a day of drinking, The Sun reported.

That was before the good weather provided the perfect setting for some alfresco boozing.

Although there was some rain in the northwest, most of the UK has seen warm sunshine and chilled, dry conditions typical of spring. 



Temperatures hit 16C in London, with most of the country also hitting double-figures.

As if punters needed more of a reason to go out and enjoy a pint with friends, the bright, sunny sky has certainly encouraged them. 

Photos have emerged of beer gardens and terraces filled to maximum capacity with every single one of the tables occupied. 

This is reflective of this last week where it has been near impossible to get a last-minute booking at the limited tables hospitality venues are allowed to serve. 

Generally, people have been pictured in good spirits with smiles and sunglasses.

But police have had to make some arrests and have warned the country to stick to social distancing rules. 

People are only allowed to meet in groups of six or between two households and they have to remain seated at all times.

If you get up to go to the bathroom or for any other reason, you have to wear a face mask. 

The hospitality industry is welcoming eager customers with open arms after taking a particularly devastating hit during the pandemic. 

Some venues with big outdoor areas have reported serving ten times more the number of patrons than they did before coronavirus.

There are currently 50,000 pubs and restaurants serving alcohol, including the 10,000 locations serving takeaways.

Pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will be able to open indoors on May 17 if the UK continues on schedule with its roadmap out of lockdown.

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