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Brits hooked on new climatarian diet in bid to reduce carbon footprint


PEOPLE are becoming eager to switch to a ­climatarian diet that reduces their carbon footprint, a poll has found.

Seven in ten say the impact of what they eat on the environment is either “very” or “somewhat” important to them.

It suggests beef, lamb and unsustainable fish are off the menu.

Climatarians now look at food origins, the standards used to produce it and how much planetary or human resource went into it.

Cattle farms in particular tend to ­produce a lot of polluting methane gas while lamb may have travelled far.

So climatarians are more likely to plump for pork, poultry, sustainable fish, dairy, eggs, seasonal fruit and veg and plant food.

Waitrose, which organised the poll, recommends buying British and reducing food waste.

And Prof Mark Maslin, climate-change scientist at University College London, said: “A plant-based diet can literally help to save our planet.”

Dr Alona Pulde, from Lifesum, a nutrition app, said: “A Climatarian diet, focused on whole plant-based foods, has been shown to reduce the risk of ­diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and obesity.”

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