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Britons furious as SNP claim Westminster ‘not needed’ for independence vote – ‘Wrong!’

Readers flocked to Facebook to express their fury at the SNP who brazenly suggested Scotland does not require the backing of Whitehall to get a second vote on independence. One commenter said: “WRONG, Nicola! The Westminster Parliament is sovereign. It can shut down any or all of the devolved assemblies instantly. So you CAN’T do what you want.” Another added: “They spent enough on this vanity project which should have been used for the benefit of Mr average Jock.”

A third said: “Hold another indyref by all means but, what if the result is the same as the last one and our Scottish friends still want to stay in the union? A 3rd or 4th indyref?”

Another added: “Holyrood is an administration not a Government. It does require the agreement of the British government to proceed.

“If it proceeds unlawfully where is the money coming from to pay for it?”

Another said: “How long would Scotland last if it became independent and the financial support was stopped? This is a serious question.”


Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP has sensationally claimed that Scotland does not need the go ahead from Boris (Image: GETTY/FACEBOOK)


Ms Sturgeon spoke in the Scottish parliament today confirming her intention (Image: GETTY)

Another said: “Independence for Scotland. No more GBP. No more money from the rest of the UK. Hard border. No army Navy or airforce. No right if work in the rest if the UK. No tax allowances in the rest of the UK. No property tax allowances in the rest of the UK. Let the rest of the UK vote in a referendum. Goodbye Scotland.”

The comments come after Stewart Hosie, the former SNP deputy leader, disputed the widely accepted notion that the Scottish parliament requires a transfer of power under Section 30 of the Scotland Act to hold an independence referendum.

He told Sky News: “We don’t need a Section 30 order to have a referendum but the Section 30 order is important because it then commits both sides to accept the result.”

Andrew Tickell, a law lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, told BBC Radio Scotland: “The idea that it is absolutely categorical that Holyrood doesn’t have the power to hold a second independence referendum has never been tested and proven.

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Stewart Hosie, the former SNP deputy leader (Image: GETTY)

“It remains contested and unclear.

“You can’t keep a union together simply by saying no whatever the letter of the law might say.”

Ms Sturgeon spoke in the Scottish parliament today confirming her intention to seek a transfer of powers from Westminster later this week, with the intention of holding a referendum vote next year.

But, it is thought that Boris Johnson is already preparing a rejection letter despite growing pressure from nationalists to respect the SNP’s “mandate” for another referendum.

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Mr Johnson has told Ms Sturgeon several times there will not be another referendum (Image: GETTY)


The UK will leave the EU next month (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

He had claimed during the election campaign that he will mark her letter “return to sender”.

Michelle Ballantyne, the Scottish Conservatives’ communities spokeswoman, said Mr Johnson would respond to Ms Sturgeon’s demand with a letter “explaining why he is going to refuse a section 30 order at present, probably for the lifetime of this parliament”.

Scotland had an independence referendum in 2014, with those against the idea winning by 55 percent of the vote.