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British family terrified after finding two illegal stowaways hiding in their motorhome in Calais

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a British family discover two illegal stowaways hiding in their motorhome as they returned from holiday.

Brian Perry, 41, his wife Becca and their two boys, heard a loo door banging at the rear of their campervan as they returned from a ski trip in the French Alps on Saturday.

The family, from Oxford, pulled over only to find to their horror that two men were hiding in the back.

One was in their bed covered by a duvet and another in their loo standing behind a shower curtain.

Brian - a traffic cop for Thames Valley Police - began filming them as he forced them out of his van in an Aldi car park in Calais on Saturday.

He said: “The rear bed would normally have the quilt laid on it flat, but I could just see there was this great big pile there under a quilt.

“I went over to it, put my hand on it, and realised there was someone in there and told them to get out.

“I then realised I should film for evidence if anything went wrong.

“He climbed out of the bed and started walking towards me. He then asked to get his bag. There was no threatening behaviour.

“The other one was in the shower cubicle. I started searching the rest of the van, I even checked the cupboard under the sink.”

The two men left the van. Footage taken by Brian shows one of them fumbling around trying to find his bag.

‘What country are you from?’ Mr Perry says as the migrant repeatedly says he is from Rome before he adds ‘I’m sorry.”

Mr Perry then finds the other man in the shower.

His children can be heard crying in the background.

The Perry family - including kids Kieran, 12, and James, nine - were on a week-long break in Le Grand-Bornand and had a nine-hour drive home.

As they approached Calais they stopped at a supermarket at 9pm to buy snacks, returning to their van at 9.20pm.

It is then that the stowaways are thought to have broken into their vehicle using screwdrivers, hiding before the family returned.

Unaware of their cargo, the Perrys then drove on to the Cité Europe shopping centre where they hoped to stay the night before their 10am Eurotunnel journey to Folkestone in Kent.

But signs told them motorhomes were no longer allowed so they began to drive to a nearby Aldi to see if they could stay in the car park there.

However during the short drive, their van’s toilet door swung open and on closer investigation, mum Becca, 40, realised something may be up.

She returned to the front seat perturbed and Brian then pulled over and turned on the rear lights to search the van.

The family drove to a secure compound next to the Channel Tunnel and reported the incident to authorities before managing to catch their train the following morning.

Brian said his children were “hysterical” and were “shaking” after the discovery of the two men.

He said: “My eldest son was shaking the whole night, he couldn’t understand what was going on.

“He said ‘I’m not cold but I can’t stop shaking.’

“We were trying to calm him down and my youngest was bawling.

“My wife has struggled since then. My eldest said he doesn’t want to go skiing again and doesn’t want to go away in the van again.

“It’s really had a massive massive impact on them.”