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Britain’s worst parker crashes into dad’s living room sending walls crumbling

A HAPLESS motorist ploughed into another car while trying to park - smashing it through a man's living room.

The bungling driver was attempting to reverse into a car park space by a block of flats but accidentally left their motor in drive and careered into a blue Mazda.

Police believe in a panic the driver then smashed their foot down on the accelerator instead of the brake.

This rammed the Mazda right through the wall of Peter Titlow’s flat, causing an avalanche of bricks and mortar.

Luckily sales director Peter was having a post-work drink - which may have saved his life - otherwise the car may have smashed into him as he unlocked his front door.

Shocking pictures show the chaos inside the demolished living room.

The 55-year-old has three young sons - aged five, six and eight - who were fortunately saved from harm.

He said: “Thankfully it wasn’t a night when I have the boys.

“If I had come home slightly earlier and been putting the key in the door who knows what would have happened.

“If I hadn’t have had a quick drink, I could have been hit as it rammed through. It was an incredibly bad bit of parking.”


Peter arrived home to his flat in Reading, Berks, to find it surrounded by emergency services and flashing blue lights.

He said: “I was terrified I’d been burgled or that there had been a fire, with the two fire engines.”

When he entered the block of flats he was met by a firefighter.

He told Peter there hadn’t been a fire, but said to “prepare yourself”.

Peter said: “It is completely uninhabitable. The carpet has been ripped up, there are breeze blocks everywhere.

“It looks like a bomb has gone off.”

But fortunately Peter can see the funny side.

And none of his personal belongings have been damaged apart from an ironing board.

He thanked Haslams Estate Agents and Hallmark Property management company who have put him up in a hotel.

The dad-of-three will move to a new house in Mortimer, Berks.

Firefighters were called to the crash on Monday evening.

Crew member Jake Easthope commented: "One of the cars pushed another car into the single skin wall.

"It went through the wall into the doorway of the flat.

"The flat was not too badly damaged, but the door did have to be boarded up until it's repaired."

He said the driver was fine but left "a little bit shocked by the whole thing".