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Britain’s £50m ‘dead end’ junction may finally be connected to surrounding roads – but not until 2022

BRITAIN'S megabucks £50million motorway junction may finally be connected to its surrounding roads - but not until the end of 2022.

The long-awaited M49 at Avonmouth, Bristol, was constructed by National Highways in 2019, but nearly two years on it remains incomplete.

The junction, dubbed 'the most expensive dead end', was due to connect a distribution park - used by firms including Amazon, Tesco and DHL - with the motorway network.

But despite work beginning back in 2017, it is STILL lacking a vital link road amid a row over who is responsible for connecting the new junction to the local road network.

Locals have been left furious as traffic from the motorway tears through the nearby villages.

South Gloucestershire Council insists the owners of the business park, Delta Properties, are responsible for building the link road.

But Delta Properties have denied the claim, saying they have "no legal obligation" to do so.

The stalemate has left baffled motorists who head down the road stuck at a dead end.

Now the local council have said they have made "important step forwards" to complete the costly junction and allowing traffic to utilise it.

After a meeting last week, they came to the resolution to "approve the officer recommendations to deliver the link road to join the new M49 junction with the local highway network".

"At their meeting on October 11, our Cabinet has agreed an approach with the Department for Transport and National Highways that will help the delivery of the M49 link road," a spokesperson added.

"This decision is an important step forwards and will allow us to progress work with our partners in delivering the M49 link to unlock the significant benefits that it will bring to South Gloucestershire, local communities and the wider region."

It remains unclear who will have to stump up the extra cash to finish construction of the link road, as the spokesperson said there was no update on the dispute.

But local parish councillor Peter Tyzack thinks the work still won't be complete by Christmas next year.

"All the traffic that would be going on the motorway is coming through the villages, which is a nightmare for us," he told the Daily Mail.

"From the day they dig the first turf, it’ll be 12 months before the road can be opened. We’ll be lucky if we get it open for next Christmas."

The M49 is a five-mile motorway linking the M5 at Avonmouth and the Prince of Wales Bridge, which crosses the River Severn.

The new junction would be the only one on the short M49 route.