Two British teenagers who died in a parasailing accident while on holiday in Greece have been named by their heartbroken family.

Jessica Lee Hayes, 15, and Michael Connelly, 13, were killed when they fell around 400ft onto a rock face in Rhodes on Wednesday.

The pair were parasailing with Michael’s 15-year-old brother James.

He survived the fall but is seriously ill and in an induced coma.

The horror is believed to have unfolded after a rope attaching the teens' parachute to a speedboat snapped as they sailed off the fishing village of Lindos.

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All three teenagers were parasailing when tragedy struck

Jessica’s dad, Tony Hayes, from Kettering, Northants, said the family “waved off” the kids – but they never came back.

Paying tribute to his “special, beautiful” daughter who was a "popular" girl, he told Sun Online : “Jessica was a beautiful, beautiful lady. Extremely popular and very special.

“Mikey, her cousin, exactly the same. They’ve been stolen from us and we’re devastated.”

Recalling when he found out the teens had been in an accident Tony said the family had been given few details only that they were all in ambulances and one was going to hospital - which was James.

It was only after an agonising four hour wait that Tony said he found out Jessica and Michael had died.

The accident happened as the teens sailed off the fishing village of Lindos

He said the family were initially told James was the most seriously injured out of all three.

“They were dead at the hospital the whole time - and yet we were being strung along with false hope that they were all ok," he said.

The devastated dad accused the nurse who broke the news to them as having "no empathy" and said the authorities put the family through "misery for four hours".

He said before he discovered his daughter and nephew had died police had asked the family for the teens' passport but didn't say why they wanted them.

Tony said police used the passports to identify Jessica and Michael.

Parasailing is a popular watersport on the island

He was later forced to identified his daughter himself.

Greek laws ban three people parasailing at once and the minimum legal age for taking part in the watersport is 16.

Witnesses Heir Hereid and Ine Sandal saw the detached parachute flying past from their holiday home.

Heir told the Mail Online: “I was looking out my window and I saw a parachute go flying by.

“It was unattached to anything and I was thinking, 'Is this some crazy person doing a stunt?'

“Next thing I know a boat comes racing along about 200 metres (650ft)
behind desperately trying to catch up with the parachute.”

Nikos Mallios, 51, a local businessman who owns the watersports firm used by the family, was arrested last night and appeared before prosecutors on Thursday.

He has been released without charge pending further enquiries.

Tony is calling for an urgent investigation into how the accident happened and he said his family have been urged to hire lawyers.

Spyros Tatis, Rhodes' chief coastguard, will reportedly lead an investigation.

Sources claim that police have seized crucial video footage taken by other passengers were on the speedboat at the time.