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Bride’s Minion-themed wedding complete with yellow bridesmaid dresses slammed – but some people think it’s ‘adorable’


ARE you a romantic rustic bride or planning a whimsical yet vintage-inspired special day? Scoff all you want - wedding themes are a big deal.

That said, one couple managed to come up with one we've never seen before when they threw an entirely MINION-themed wedding.

The Despicable Me superfans found a way to incorporate the little yellow helpers into almost every aspect of the day - and even had a Minion mascot to greet guests at the venue.

What's more, the bridesmaids even walked down the aisle in matching yellow dresses.

And if that wasn't enough, the eccentric couple also had a wedding cake toppers specially made to match the theme.

Earlier this week, photos from the Minion-themed wedding were posted on Reddit's wedding shaming forum.

And while some users were baffled by the eccentric theme, others thought it was "adorable".

In response to one user labelling it "cringey", another replied: "If they are happy, who cares if its minions?"

"I want to do this now," another added. "Just for the memes."

And while others described it as "dumb", one fan wrote: "Their wedding is adorable."

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