Bride Hayley Smith falls into the arms of her new husband during her wedding after suffering what she feared most on her big day – a fit.

Brave cancer survivor Hayley, 38, had put off marrying fiance Matthew Hale, 37, for almost a decade because she was so embarrassed about her daily seizures.

Talking about her ordeal for the first time, she said: "I reached Matthew and I was so relieved I’d walked up the aisle. All the guests were crying.

"I looked at Mathew and was so happy the my belly began to feel warm and my head felt fuzzy and then I was gone."

Hayley Hale and husband Matthew on their wedding day

Hayley blacked out after finally finding the courage to walk down the aisle in front of 75 guests in Caerphilly after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

She said: “I remember waking up to Matthew holding me in his arms during the service and shouting to everyone to say I was fine, and they all laughed.”

The drama unfolded after former cleaner Hayley, who has two children Milly, 18 and Charlie, 11, beat cancer after being diagnosed in October 2016.

Thankfully she was fine afterwards and the pair enjoyed their day

She underwent a lumpectomy, mastectomy on her right breast, chemotherapy, a hysterectomy followed by another mastectomy on her left breast over two years. She was also suffering dozens of seizures a day.

Hayley, of Rhymney Valley, South Wales, added: “I’d fitted 10 times that morning getting ready.

“It was ridiculous. I just didn’t want it happening as I made my way up the aisle and would be sprawled out in my wedding dress with my hair and legs everywhere all over the floor.

“So Mum and Dad walked me up the aisle, and Dad was waving and skipping to distract me as I have fits when I’m anxious."

Hayley has shared the stunning photograph for the first time since her fraught wedding day on August 17, 2018.

The pair tied the knot at Ystrad Fawr Register Office nine months after Hayley was declared cancer-free.

Of her decision to share the beautiful images, she said: “I wanted to show our kids nothing stops me – and they were so proud.”