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Brian Laundrie – update: Police say fugitive was likely dead two days after Gabby Petito was reported missing

'Bones' found at North Port reserve belong to Brian Laundrie: FBI

Police investigating the deaths of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie have denied “false reports” that the DNA of human remains found in Florida last week did not match the young man’s. A spokesman for the North Port police department also said there was a “very good possibility” that Mr Laundrie was dead two days after Ms Petito was reported missing.

A medical examiner has confirmed the remains were Mr Laundrie’s, and no DNA analysis has been conducted yet, said North Port Police in a statement posted to Twitter.

The FBI confirmed Mr Laundrie’s identity through dental records, suggesting he had been dead for a significant period of time before his remains were found. His belongings, which include a notebook and a backpack, were described as “salvageable” and may yet provide further clues.

Meanwhile, Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for Chris and Roberta Laundrie said Mr Laundrie would be cremated without a funeral. His parents acknowledged the death of their son in a short and unemotional statement, released through their lawyer, and asked for privacy.

The Petito-Schmidt family attorney, Rick Stafford, has said they would not make any statements on the identification of Ms Petito’s fiance until they were “emotionally ready”.


North Port police admit there is a “very good possibility” Brian Laundrie was dead two days after Gabby Petito was reported missing

North Port police spokesman Josh Taylor told PEOPLE that there was a “very good possibility” that Brian Laundrie was dead two days after his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, was reported missing.

Mr Laundrie left his home “very upset” on 12 September, according to the family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino. Ms Petito was reported missing on 11 September.

Mr Taylor said it was likely that Mr Laundrie was dead by 13 September, four days before police began searching for him at the Carlton Reserve.

“Other than confusion, it likely changed nothing. There is a very good possibility that Brian was already deceased. He still needed to be found. We just wanted people to better understand why we thought we knew Brian was in his home,” he said.


ICYMI: Early police ‘sighting’ of Brian Laundrie was actually his mother in a baseball cap, force admits

North Port police confirmed that they mistook Roberta Laundrie for her son, Brian, when they reported that the man was at his house.

This blunder led North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison to tell the press on 16 September that he knew where Mr Laundrie was located.

A spokesman for the department said that officers saw Ms Laundrie in a baseball cap and mistook her for her son, as she had been driving his silver Mustang earlier that day.

The Independent’s Graig Graziosi has more below...

Laundrie disappeared on 12 September, four days before the police chief claimed to know his location, and may have been dead at the time of the press conference


Gabby Petito’s father says he expects no closure from Brian Laundrie’s notebook

Joe Petito, Gabby Petito’s father, told TMZ that he does not think he will find any closure in the pages of Brian Laundrie’s notebook, should it be salvaged by law enforcement.

Mr Laundrie’s notebook was found along with a drybag and his skeletal remains in the Carlton Reserve on 20 October.

Mr Petito said that nothing in Mr Laundrie’s notebook would bring his daughter back, or help alleviate his grief. He also doubts it will shed any significant light on how his daughter’s death could have been avoided.


Forensic anthropologist examining Brian Laundire’s remains should know time, manner of death in a few weeks, attorney says

Steven Bertolino, the attorney representing the Laundrie family, told reporters that the forensic anthropologist examining Mr Laundrie’s remains should have answers about the man’s death soon.

Mr Bertolino told Fox News that the anthropologist should have additional information detailing the time and possibly manner of Mr Laundrie’s death sometime in the next two to three weeks.

The skeletal remains found in the Carlton Reserve on 20 October were confirmed as Mr Laundrie’s through the use of dental records. The North Port Police Department confirmed Tuesday that the remains have not undergone DNA testing yet, but will in the near future.

The Sarasota County medical examiner’s officer could not determine Mr Laundrie’s cause of death, after which the remains were sent to the anthropologist.


Police refute ‘false reports’ that remains found in search for Brian Laundrie did not match his DNA

The North Port police department has denied ‘false reports’ that DNA results did not match Brian Laundrie’s remains that were found in a Florida park last week, writes Sravasti Dasgupta.

In a post on Twitter, the department posted the medical examiner’s statement which said that the FBI had confirmed that the remains found last week belonged to Mr Laundrie and that no DNA analysis has been conducted on the remains yet.

North Port police say no DNA analysis has been conducted on Brian Laundrie’s remains yet


Analysis: The sad, twisting saga of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie – and what it tells us about America

It began with the most modest of announcements, writes Andrew Buncombe.

“Blue Point Woman Reported Missing,” the Suffolk County Police Department tweeted on 13 September.

The day before, the force had revealed that its first ever pick-up basketball game had “been a success”. The following day, it provided an update about traffic work on the Long Island Expressway.

Many questions remain unanswered, but the case is a tragedy for all concerned, writes Andrew Buncombe


Opinion: Does Brian Laundrie’s family deserve privacy?

The discovery last week of Brian Laundrie’s remains in a Florida nature park only deepened the mystery surrounding the death of his fiancée, Gabby Petito, and Laundrie’s role in it. So far, forensic examination has not identified the cause of Laundrie’s death, and authorities have not revealed the contents of a notebook and backpack found at the scene.

Laundrie and Petito had set off on a cross-country trip together over the summer from which Gabby never returned. Laundrie traveled back to his parents’ home without her at the beginning of September, only to go missing himself two days later.

Petito’s disappearance and death and the strange circumstances of Laundrie’s return quickly became one of those headline-grabbing crimes that galvanize the nation’s attention, writes Austin Sarat.

Families of those suspected of terrible crimes pay their own price. As one father of a murderer said, ‘No one is interested in hearing that there was anything remotely good about a killer, so you soldier on in a private battle devoid of public sympathy’


How were Brian Laundrie’s remains missed for 33 days but then found by his parents in a few hours?

Wednesday, 20 October, began like every other in the 33 days since Brian Laundrie had been reported missing, writes Bevan Hurley.

Then, around midday, came a flurry of news. Chris and Roberta Laundrie were at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park and had contacted law enforcement the night before to ask them to accompany them to the site.

Within minutes, a “dry bag” containing personal items belonging to Mr Laundrie had been recovered.

Brian Laundrie’s parents told law enforcement where to look, how did they miss it?


Initial post-mortem examination results on Laundrie’s remains inconclusive

The initial autopsy on the remains of Brian Laundrie did not uncover a cause of his death and a more intensive examination will be done, a lawyer for his family has said.

Mr Laundrie's skeletal remains found in a Florida nature preserve were identified last week using dental records, according to the FBI.

Mr Laundrie was the subject of a manhunt for more than a month as investigators searched for clues in the slaying of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, during their cross-country van trip together.

Steve Bertolino, the Laundries' attorney, said in text messages that he was told by police the autopsy by the Sarasota County medical examiner did not produce concrete results on Brian Laundrie's death.

"I was told the manner and cause of death were not determined and the remains were sent to an anthropologist (for) further evaluation," Mr Bertolino said.

The medical examiner's office declined comment Monday, as did the FBI office in Denver that is leading the probe.


Laundrie’s parents decline to comment as they return home

Brian Laundrie’s parents maintained their silence as they returned home from a two-day trip to “grieve privately” following the discovery of their son’s remains.

The couple were approached by Mail Online on Tuesday afternoon but did not comment, according to the website.