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Brian Laundrie connection to murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner ‘can’t be ruled out,’ private investigator says

BRIAN Laundrie's connection to the murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner "can't be ruled out," a private investigator said.

Jason Jensen, an investigator based out of Sale Lake City, Utah, has opened up about a possible connection between Gabby Petito's fugitive fiancé Brian Laundrie and the newlywed couple that was fatally shot in August.

The couple's deaths came just days after Petito and Laundrie were said to have argued at the Moonflower Co-Op where murdered Schulte worked.

Despite investigators saying that Schulte and Turner's deaths were not connected to Petito's case, Jensen spoke to ABC4 affiliate NewsNation and revealed he suspects the cases could be linked.

Schulte and Turner are believed to have been killed sometime between August 13, one day after Moab Police were involved in an incident with Petito and Laundrie, and August 15, Jensen explained.

And shortely before the same-sex couple's death, the women had notified their friends via text about a man who had allegedly been “creeping them out."

In regards to the "creepy man," Jensen said, "that's really who we're looking for."

Jensen told NewsNation Now: "We wonder who this guy is and I don’t think there is a coincidence that somebody else is the murderer, I think it’s really this creepy guy.

"And if you know anything about Kylen and Crystal, they were very down-to-earth people, they were not debutants that somebody would be beneath them.

"It would take a lot for this guy to be creepy in their eyes."

"I wish they would have described the guy or got a license plate number," he added, before advising people to document suspicious people in a more "specific" way.

Jensen said Schulte's father was at Moab during the month after the newlyweds' murder and "amassed a large list of potential persons of interest."

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"And one of them, we can't help to add to the list, which is Brian Laundrie, because until we can prove he was out of the area ... of course, he has to be considered until he's adequately ruled out," Jensen continued.

The private investigator confirmed Laundrie is on his "list" as a suspect based on what he has learned to date.

He added: "Given the fact that when they described this guy as a creep guy, they're not saying his name, so it's somebody that they're completely unfamiliar with.

"Obviously somebody like a Brian Laundrie that's from out of town.

"They don't know who he is, so they don't know who to say who is bothering them."

Schulte, 24, and Beck, 38, both avid campers, were reported missing on August 14, 2021, while camping in the Moab mountains.

On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, two women were then found shot to death off a scenic road that runs through a national forest. 

It was later reported that the bodies were identified as the missing women.

Keys allegedly found near the bodies of Schulte and Turner may link to Laundrie, who is currently missing.

Online sleuths have claimed that a set of keys was found near Turner and Schulte's bodies with a membership card for a rock climbing gym attached. 

On Laundrie's Instagram, he once shared an image of him helping a child at a rock climbing gym, where some claim he might have once worked. 

Just days before, the couple had told friends about the man who was "creeping them out."

A spokesman for the sheriff's office revealed that investigators don't believe that their deaths were the result of a murder-suicide and are treating it as a homicide investigation.

"We do think it was an outside party. There has not been any firearms recovered from that area at this time," Sheriff Steven White told KUTV.

Brian Laundrie timeline

Brian Laundrie has not been seen since the morning of September 13. Here is a timeline of Laundrie's latest whereabouts:

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