A BREXIT-themed Christmas tree has been released by Hayes Garden World in Ambleside. 

According to the garden centre, 52 per cent of the tree is Brexit and leave-inspired, with a cuddly toy of Boris Johnson, Union Jacks, and baubles saying 'I'm dreaming of a hard Brexit'.

The other 48 per cent is European Union (EU) and remain-themed, displaying a Jeremy Corbyn toy, EU flags and baubles saying 'all I want for Christmas is EU'.

Naturally, a miniature Theresa May sits at the summit of the tree, which has a rotating base so its outward appearance can be adjusted depending on the political persuasions of house guests.

Lyndan Orvis, ecommerce director at Hayes Garden World, said: “A lot of people are worried that Brexit and the election will put a dampener on this year’s festivities.

"We hope the Brexit tree will remind people that whatever your opinion, Christmas still means Christmas.

“So leave your disputes at the door - or hang them on your tree - and focus on enjoying the festivities.” 

Visit the Hayes Garden World website for more.