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Brexit LIVE: Where are the doom-mongers now? EU powergrab fails amid UK investment SURGE

Vaccines: Europe is ‘so far behind UK’ says professor

A German-British Chamber of Commerce survey indicates 35 percent of firms plan to boost investment, up from a mere five percent six months ago. By contrast, 20 percent had indicated plans to decrease investment six months ago, but that number stands now at just 10 percent.

In total 44 percent of companies expect to hire new employees – also a big improvement on last autumn when just 11 per cent planned to do so.

It comes as Facts4EU used stats compiled by the Our World in Data website to underline the striking contrast between the UK and the EU27's vaccine rollouts, encapsulating their findings in two charts.

The first shows the number of doses administered per 100 people, with the UK’s figure of 63 far outstripping that of Spain, the top-performing EU nation, on just 24.6.

Another chart highlights the number of people who have been fully vaccinated. In the UK, the figure is 14.6 – almost double that of Italy, the best of the bloc’s members, on 7.4 percent.

Leigh Evans, Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief, said: “As it is, Brexit Britain has shown itself to be nimbler and much more effective than the cumbersome and inefficient machine which wishes to run all aspects of life for the EU27’s 434 million inhabitants.

“Bureaucratic Brussels hasn’t just failed, it has failed on a monumental scale.

READ MORE: EU red tape threatens vital supply of medicines to Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will be encouraged by the conclusions of both studies (Image: GETTY)

“And all of this from an organisation which claimed last week to be the largest producer of vaccines in the world.

“The reality of course is that the EU hasn’t produced a single vaccine. Private companies have.

“And yet the EU is a long way behind the UK and the USA in its vaccination programme.”

Mr Evans added: “In providing this official information, Facts4EU.Org is not gloating – which seems to be the only response from Remainer-Rejoiners – we are simply pointing out the facts.

“And the facts show that an independent United Kingdom has outperformed the EU by a long margin in its vaccination programme.”

UK Government figures show more than 10 million people in Britain have had both doses of a Covid jab.


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British logistics sector reaps benefits of unexpected Brexit boost as economy bounces back

SOARING demand for warehouse space and customs clearing services has seen a string of behind-the-scenes British firms reap an unexpected Brexit benefit.

Logistics companies which manage supply chains for high street brands such as Zara, Nike and Argos have all experienced a post-Brexit boost.

It comes as the sector was already making the most of an online shopping boom sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Mannix, chief executive of Leeds-based Clipper, said the company had seen higher demand for stocking products and handling online returns for multinational retailers operating in the UK and the EU because it has warehouses on both sides of the Channel.

Oliver Trapnell takes over from Simon Osborne

10.02pm update: Germany orders Boris Johnson to stick to Brexit deal

Boris Johnson has been ordered to stick to the terms of his Brexit deal after threatening to rip up the EU pact.

Germany demanded legally binding assurances from the Prime Minister over the introduction of EU-ordered customs checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Angela Merkel's Europe minister Michael Roth insisted the divorce agreement’s protocol to prevent a hard border was the best way to protect peace and stability in the region, even despite weeks of violent disruptions.

Mr Roth said: “We concluded the comprehensive Trade and Cooperation Agreement that we currently apply on a provisional basis.

“Now we are finalising the remaining steps for its formal ratification. This agreement is the basis for the relationship with the UK, which is fair, balanced and beneficial to both sides.

“Apart from that, it remains crucial that also all parts of the Withdrawal Agreement are fully implementing, including the protocol on Northern Ireland.

"The peace process in Northern Ireland is a practical example of how European integration has contributed to the resolution of violent conflicts.

“The protocol is key to preserving this achievement under new circumstances.”

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been told to stick to the terms of his Brexit deal (Image: PA)

9.45pm update: Britons furious as EU red tape threatens medicine supplies

EU bosses have come under fire after it emerged vital drug supplies to Northern Ireland could be disrupted by Brussels red tape.

The move, reported by, has sparked a ferocious backlash online.

One furious reader said: "How can the wonderful EU elite leaders sleep at night? Do they not all have nightmares?

"How many deaths do they have on their hands, how much blood?

"When will the deceit and lies end and will they ever believe what they themselves say?

"How much longer will they try to punish GB when they are costing their own countries by so doing?

"There is no morality left in European politics. Who will ever trust any of them ever again?"

Another reader said: "Time all this Brussels Mafia revenge was brought to an end.

"WTO rules has to be better than these constant vitriolic attacks."

Ursula von der Leyen

EU boss Ursula von der Leyen (Image: GETTY)

8.15pm update: Lord Adonis issues fresh call for UK to rejoin EU ‘as soon as possible’

Lord Adonis has repeated his demands for Britain to rejoin the EU "as soon as possible" as he continues his relentless pursuit to overturn Brexit.

The arch-Remainer vowed to "reverse" Brexit within hours of Britain's departure from the bloc, warning the "campaign to rejoin Europe starts today".

He has continued his relentless campaign for the UK to rejoin the EU ever since.

But his latest call on Twitter references the coronavirus pandemic as a reason the UK should rejoin - despite Britain's hugely successful vaccine rollout and the EU's own disastrous programme.

Lord Adonis wrote: "It is my view that Britain should rejoin the European Union as soon as possible

"Everything that has happened since the 2016 referendum has reinforced this view, including the pandemic.

"Our prosperity and security simply cannot be divorced from the rest of Europe."

7.29pm update: Brexiteer warns Brussels faces financial crisis

Businessman John Longworth has warned the EU it is in danger of becoming a regional minnow after its share of global GDP more than halved in the last 30 years.

Mr Longworth, director general of the Centre for Brexit Policy, said: "Its growth condemns it to long term, relative economic decline and riddled with bad debt, propped up by the 'funny money' printed by a non-sovereign central bank.

"It teeters on the brink of financial crisis."

5.12pm update: Macron banks on EU "successes" to kickstart campaign for 2022 election

Emmanuel Macron is banking on his victories in Brussels to kickstart his campaign to secure a second term in office at next year's French elections.

The embattled French president's La Republique En Marche (LREM) party has launched an Association for a European Renaissance to promote the leader's EU successes to a disenchanted domestic audience.

The new movement aims to bring together all French voters interested in Europe but cynics claim Mr Macron is simply playing his EU card to the full - a tactic which brought him success at the polls in 2017.

They said the idea was to highlight the "European successes" of Mr Macron over the past five years instead of facing up to his performances at home.

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron (Image: GETTY)

4.04pm update: Micheal Martin denies Northern Ireland Protocol is damaging UK

Ireland's Taoiseach Micheal Martin insists the post-Brexit Northern Ireland Protocol poses no threat to the integrity of the UK.

He told BBC NI's Spotlight programme: "The Protocol is not tearing the United Kingdom apart, that's just an overly dramatic presentation of it in our view.

"It explicitly affirms the constitutional position of Northern Ireland and the principle of consent.

"So it's not a danger to the constitutional position of Northern Ireland at all, and was never intended to be."

3.36pm update: UK logistics sector reports unexpected Brexit benefits

Soaring demand for warehouse space and customs clearing services has seen a string of behind-the-scenes British firms reap an unexpected Brexit benefit.

Logistics companies which manage supply chains for high street brands such as Zara, Nike and Argos have all experienced a post-Brexit boost.

It comes as the sector was already making the most of an online shopping boom sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Mannix, chief executive of Leeds-based Clipper, said the company had seen higher demand for stocking products and handling online returns for multinational retailers operating in the UK and the EU because it has warehouses on both sides of the Channel.

He told the FT: “Brexit has caught some people out. We see Brexit as an opportunity, not a threat."

2.19pm update: Johnson ordered to set up irresistible low-taxes free market to see Brexit Britain succeed

Boris Johnson has been ordered to make dramatic regulation and tax changes for the benefit of Brexit Britain.

Economist and fellow at think tank-Centre for Brexit policy Catherine Mcbride insisted Brexit Britain must make some key changes for the best growth of the UK.

During an interview with, Ms Mcbride argued Boris Johnson must look at creating a desirable free market with low taxes.

She claimed this would make it easier for businesses and innovation to flourish in the UK post-European Union membership.

Florian Philippot

Frexit campaigner Florian Philippot (Image: GETTY)

2.10pm update: What Brexit apocalypse? MEP brilliantly lists UK's roaring trade victories outside EU

A prominent French MEP has brilliantly listed all the trade deals Brexit Britain has signed since leaving the EU.

Florian Philippot, president of France’s Eurosceptic Les Patriots party, heaped praise on the UK and slammed europhile doom-mongers who predicted the country’s apocalyptic demise.

Highlighting the trade deals the UK has completed with 67 countries and the EU, he said such a move was only possible with the “freedom” Brexit created.

The former far-right National Front member tweeted: “The UK has already concluded trade deals with 67 countries around the world, in addition to the EU!"

1.44pm update: Brexit bonanza! £100billion India deal on track despite Boris Johnson scrapping visit

Boris Johnson's decision to cancel his planned trip India will not derail a proposed trade deal which could worth up to £100billion, a financial analyst has insisted.

The trip was postponed indefinitely on Monday as the coronavirus crisis deepened in India and concerns grew over a new variant hitting the nation, which has now been added to the UK’s travel “red list”.

However, the Prime Minister stressed he planned to hold a call with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, ahead of a rescheduling "as and when circumstances allow".

Gaurav Singh, co-founder of venture capitalist firm JPIN VCATS, said the dream of a bilateral agreement he believes could be worth between £50million and £100million to the UK economy was very much alive despite the setback.

Boris Johnson Narendra Modi

Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi pictured at the G7 summit in France in 2019 (Image: GETTY)

12.59pm update: Fishing fury: Norway leads coastal rebellion against UK as British boats remain 'tied up'

British fishing vessels remain "tied up" as Norway leads a coastal rebellion after Britain left the European Union.

Under the trade deal secured by Boris Johnson in December, the EU was allowed to keep 75 percent of the value of the fish it now catches in UK waters, with 25 percent being returned to British fishermen over the transition period.

From 2026, Britain will be able to cut quotas or exclude boats in a zone of 6-12 nautical miles.

It is also believed UK boats will have access to an extra £145million of fishing quota every year by this period.

12.19pm update: Would Jean-Claude Juncker have stopped Brexit if he stepped into EU row in UK? VOTE

Jean Claude-Juncker has outrageously claimed that listening to David Cameron may have resulted in Brexit.

The rampant europhile, famed for his love of boozy lunches, said obeying the then-Prime Minister’s request for Eurocrats to stay out of the 2016 referendum campaign was a mistake.

Had the former European Commission president and other prominent Brussels’ bureaucrats descended on the UK in 2016 the result could have been different, he claimed.

In a tell-all interview with the i newspaper, he claimed the British public had been misled.

Would Brexit have been stopped if he had stepped into EU row during the 2016 referendum campaign UK? Have your say in our poll.

12.05pm update: Pound soars to six-week high on back of UK vaccine rollout – lockdown bounce back begins

The pound has hit a six-week high against the dollar, fuelled by rising optimism as a result of the success of the UK’s vaccine rollout programme and falling unemployment, the latest data has indicated.

And one market analyst has said the nation is reaping the benefits of a mass return to shops, restaurants and pubs.

Sterling hit its highest in more than six weeks against the dollar today with a positive surprise from labour market data out of Britain lending support to the currency.

The pound crossed the $1.40 mark for the first time in nearly a month on Monday, rising one percent as it benefited from a broadly weakening dollar which took a hit as risk sentiment returned and volatility slumped in global markets.

Pound dollar

The pound is up vs the dollar (Image: Google)

11.06am update: Gibraltar power grab - Spanish MEP lifts lid on secret battle for the Rock - 'Must fight!'

A prominent Spanish politician has lifted the lid on his country's secret battle to regain control of Gibraltar.

Former foreign minister and sitting MEP José Manuel García-Margallo claimed his country had to “fight” to regain control of the British overseas territory.

The fruitless negotiations got nowhere, leaving the UK and Gibraltar with “all the cards”, he said.

10.39am update: Lorry driver's permit scheme scrapped

A permit required by lorry drivers entering Kent after the end of the Brexit transition period has been scrapped.

The Department for Transport also announced that a moveable barrier installed on the M20 will be dismantled over the weekend.

The traffic management measures were introduced in Kent amid fears that the UK's withdrawal from the European Union could lead to disruption for cross-Channel trade.

The DfT said freight volumes between the UK and the EU "continue to operate at normal levels".

10.33am update: Britcoin plan can ‘supercharge’ Brexit Britain, say experts - ‘Let’s get on with it!’

A digital currency can "supercharge" the UK, and provide Brexit Britain with a "golden opportunity" to play a leading role on the international stage, experts have said.

Professor Daniel Hudson, chairman of the CityUnited Project, was speaking after the Bank of the England and the Treasury confirmed the launch of a new task force aimed at looking at the feasibility of an e-pound - a concept swiftly dubbed “Britcoin” by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Prof Hudson told “This is a superbly timed announcement by the BoE, but the initiative must be supercharged given its importance.

“Our proposal provides the UK with a golden opportunity to provide leadership to the Western world in moving quickly to the starting block in what is bound to become an inevitable feature of international finance.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Chancellor Rishi Sunak (Image: GETTY)

9.53am update: Take us back! SNP launches secretive 'Project No Surprises' in last-ditch bid to rejoin EU

The SNP has launched a shadowy group aimed at paving the way for an independent Scotland to return to the European Union.

Alyn Smith, the SNP’s foreign affairs spokesman and a Westminster MP, is one of the founders of Project No Surprises, aimed at making it easier for Scotland to return to the fold if First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is successful in her bid to force a second referendum and go it alone.

Mr Smyth told Politico: “In 2014 and in the run-up to 2014, I don’t think we did enough to reach out, to persuade, to contextualise what was going on within Scotland.”

He added: “Of course, it is primarily an internal Scottish debate.

“But given that the international aspects of independence are so important to the case for independence — and we want to be independent in order to apply for EU membership, in order to apply for NATO membership — we are firmly of the view that we need to do ‘Project No Surprises.'”

9.30am update: Traffic management measures in Kent removed as trade returns to normal

Traffic management measures introduced in Kent due to Brexit will be removed from today "as trade returns to normal levels", the Department for Transport said.

The department said in a statement: "The Kent Access Permit and the M20 moveable barrier will be stood down from April 20, as delays have been prevented thanks to hauliers arriving at the border prepared.

"This comes as freight volumes between the UK and the EU continue to operate at normal levels, with the latest data showing a 46 percent increase in exports in February."

Ireland Micheal Martin

Ireland's Taoiseach Micheal Martin (Image: GETTY)

9.12am update: Germany wades into Northern Ireland row

Germany has urged Britain to adhere to the entire Brexit divorce agreement after the European Union launched legal action over London's unilateral actions in Northern Ireland.

German Europe Minister Michael Roth said ahead of a meeting with his EU counterparts: "It remains crucial that all parts of the withdrawal agreement are fully implemented, including the protocol on Northern Ireland."

The rules agreed in the protocol are key to preserving the achievements of the peace process in Northern Ireland, he told reporters.

Question Time audience member says EU 'used' Northern Ireland

8.24am update: 'We're sandpapering it into shape'

The EU has taken legal action against the UK for its decision to unilaterally extend some of those grace periods amid continuing talks between the two sides on ways to ease the red tape burden.

Mr Johnson has repeatedly warned that he will trigger a mechanism to suspend the Protocol - Article 16 - if changes to the arrangements cannot be agreed.

He told the BBC: "If we can't make enough progress and if it looks as though the EU is going to be very, very dogmatic about it and we continue to have absurd situations so you can't bring in rose bushes with British soil into Northern Ireland, you can't bring British sausages into Northern Ireland, then frankly I'm going to, we'll have to take further steps.

"What we're doing is removing what I think of as the unnecessary protuberances and barriers that have grown up and we're getting the barnacles off the thing and sandpapering it into shape."

8.20am update: Boris threatens action over 'absurd' NI Protocol rules

The Prime Minister has vowed to take action on the Northern Ireland Protocol if the EU refuses to ditch "absurd" aspects of the post-Brexit trading arrangements.

Mr Johnson said his Government was currently working on "sandpapering" the Protocol, which governs Irish Sea trade post-Brexit, to address some of the concerns about trade disruption.

In an interview with BBC NI's Spotlight programme, the Prime Minister was also questioned on the potential of a future poll on Northern Ireland's constitutional status.

Mr Johnson said he could not envisage such a vote for "a very, very long time to come".

8.08am update: A third of German-British firms plan to boost UK investment

More than one in three German-British businesses now plan to INCREASE their investment in the UK in the medium term in a total reversal of the situation towards the end of last year.

A German-British Chamber of Commerce survey indicates 35 per cent of firms plan to boost investment, up from a mere five per cent six months ago.

By contrast, whereas 20 per cent had planned to decrease investment, six months ago, that number stands at 10 per cent.

In total 44 per cent of companies expect to hire new employees – also a big improvement on last autumn when just 11 per cent planned to do so.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss, the International Trade Secretary (Image: GETTY)

7.42am update: Mega-trade deal on the brink – Liz Truss desperate to secure glittering prize

Britain is facing Brexit chaos as Liz Truss is said to be desperate to secure a "glittering prize" while a mega-trade deal appears to be on the brink.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancelled a planned trip to India today, which was scheduled to take place next week, saying it was a sensible move in light of a surge in Covid infections there.

It comes as India is enduring a second wave of the virus, with infections passing the 15 million mark, second only to the United States.

Delhi is due to go into lockdown on Monday night. Mr Johnson said today: "(Indian Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and I have basically come to the conclusion that, very sadly, I won't be able to go ahead with the trip. I do think it's only sensible to postpone."

7.33am update: New study shows half of leavers were not ‘left behind’ supporters but ‘affluent’

New research has unpicked the stereotype that Brexit supporters are working-class "left behind" voters.

A report by UK in a Changing Europe shows that half of Brexiteers were actually comfortably well off.

The research highlights that they did not have expectations of huge economic gains but thought that leaving the EU would help address other issues in Britain.

The think tank, UK in a Changing Europe, drew on workshops from the summer of 2020 by the NatCen Social Research.

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