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Brexit LIVE: This isn't over! Angry French fishermen plot new Channel revolt TODAY

George Eustice questioned on future trade deal with Australia

A dispute over the licences initially flared in May when France and Britain sent patrol vessels off the shores of Jersey after a flotilla of French fishing boats sailed to the island in protest. An interim agreement had been due to expire on June 30 under the UK's Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union, but this will now last until September 30.

With less than two weeks until the deadline, French fishermen claim 169 Jersey licence applications have been submitted but only 70 licences have been issued.

The protest is due to take place on the beach at Pirou, 50 km south of Cherbourg.

The Association Plein Mer, who is planning the demonstration, said on Facebook: “Saturday, September 18 – the fishermen of the Bay of Granville are organising a day of mobilisation. Following the BREXIT agreements, London has decided that only boats equipped with a VMS (tracking system) allowing proof of fishing activity in Jersey waters could continue to fish there.

“The consequences are dramatic – around 80 French boats of less than 12 meters are thus excluded from Jersey waters. 


Jersey Ministers are locked in talks with France (Image: Getty)

Royal Navy ships were sent to patrol the waters

Royal Navy ships were sent to patrol Jersey waters during the initial row (Image: Getty )

“And for certain boats, this zone determines more than 90 percent of their turnover.

“The artisanal fishermen are extremely worried and feel helpless in the face of the British administration.”

Under the terms of the Brexit trade deal, French vessels have to show evidence of their history fishing in Jersey waters.

But the Jersey Government says large numbers of fishermen did not provide enough proof and were given restricted access under provisional licences.


French fishermen had threatened to block access to Jersey's port

French fishermen threatened to block access to Jersey's port on May 6 (Image: Getty)

Sir Elton John said he has requested a meeting with Boris Johnson and is "on the warpath" over visa issues for musicians touring in the European Union.

New rules which came into force at the beginning of the year do not guarantee visa-free travel for musicians in the bloc and have prompted fears that touring artists will incur large fees in many of the countries they visit.

In August, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said it had negotiated with 19 EU countries to allow British musicians and performers to conduct short tours without the need for a visa, but this was condemned by Sir Elton as a "rehash of what we already know".

The fishermen largely protested peacefully

French fishermen protesting in St Helier in May (Image: Getty)

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