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Brexit LIVE: Thank God we left! New study exposes EU idiocy as chart vindicates UK

And’s editor-in-chief Leigh Evans said the findings were evidence of the bloc’s “monumental” failure. Facts4EU used stats compiled by the Our World in Data website to underline the striking contrast between the UK and the EU27, encapsulating their findings in two charts.

The first shows the number of doses administered per 100 people, with the UK’s figure of 63 far outstripping that of Spain, the top-performing EU nation, on just 24.6.

Another chart highlights the number of people who have been fully vaccinated. In the UK, the figure is 14.6 – almost double that of Italy, the best of the bloc’s members, on 7.4 percent.

Leigh Evans, Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief, said: “As it is, Brexit Britain has shown itself to be nimbler and much more effective than the cumbersome and inefficient machine which wishes to run all aspects of life for the EU27’s 434 million inhabitants.

“Bureaucratic Brussels hasn’t just failed, it has failed on a monumental scale.

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“And all of this from an organisation which claimed last week to be the largest producer of vaccines in the world.

“The reality of course is that the EU hasn’t produced a single vaccine. Private companies have.

“And yet the EU is a long way behind the UK and the USA in its vaccination programme.”

Mr Evans added: “In providing this official information, Facts4EU.Org is not gloating – which seems to be the only response from Remainer-Rejoiners – we are simply pointing out the facts.

“And the facts show that an independent United Kingdom has outperformed the EU by a long margin in its vaccination programme.”


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7.42am update: Mega-trade deal on the brink – Liz Truss desperate to secure glittering prize

Britain is facing Brexit chaos as Liz Truss is said to be desperate to secure a "glittering prize" while a mega-trade deal appears to be on the brink.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancelled a planned trip to India today, which was scheduled to take place next week, saying it was a sensible move in light of a surge in Covid infections there.

It comes as India is enduring a second wave of the virus, with infections passing the 15 million mark, second only to the United States.

Delhi is due to go into lockdown on Monday night. Mr Johnson said today: "(Indian Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and I have basically come to the conclusion that, very sadly, I won't be able to go ahead with the trip. I do think it's only sensible to postpone."

7.33am update: New study shows half of leavers were not ‘left behind’ supporters but ‘affluent’

New research has unpicked the stereotype that Brexit supporters are working-class "left behind" voters.

A report by UK in a Changing Europe shows that half of Brexiteers were actually comfortably well off.

The research highlights that they did not have expectations of huge economic gains but thought that leaving the EU would help address other issues in Britain.

The think tank, UK in a Changing Europe, drew on workshops from the summer of 2020 by the NatCen Social Research.

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