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Brexit LIVE: Remainer uproar as imperial units return – 'No idea what anything weighs!'

Pubs will also be permitted to sell pints in glasses with a crown stamp on them, having been banned from doing so by Brussels. The news prompted journalist Aaron Bastani to observe: “I will literally have no idea what anything weighs.”

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Liz Webster suggested the decision would leave many younger people accustomed to kilos and grams badly confused.

She said: “Boris Johnson is to announce the return of imperial weights and measures that anyone aged under 50 won’t have a clue as to what they are.

“My childhood was confused with 2 systems but now as it’s sorted they’re going to mess with everyone’s heads.”

William Poler said: “Christ. This is utterly stupid. “They've not been taught as part of the curriculum for decades.

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7.31am update: Frost's Brexit bonfire of EU rules – pounds & ounces BACK in shops and Crown Stamp returns

Brexir Britain will ditch the EU's CE mark and bring back the Crown Stamp on UK pint glasses while imperial measurements may also return.

As part of Lord Frost's bonfire of EU regulation, the UK will bring back the stamp which was ditched in 2007.

The stamp was introduced in 1699 before it was replaced by the European Conformity mark.

The decision to bring back the Crown Stamp was announced as part of the UK's so-called Brexit Opportunities document while shops may also be allowed to sell fruit and vegetables in pounds and ounces.

“Grams and KGs make complete sense."

Meanwhile Norma Roberts posted: “Also get rid of central heating and let's get some ice on those bedroom windows - inside!

“While we're at it what about bringing back the cane and the nit nurse! Good old days!”

Patrick Dalton was more blunt, saying: “THIS. IS. A. STUPID. COUNTRY.”

The Prime Minister is expected to make an official announcement today.


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