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Brexit latest news LIVE – Talks set to continue as Tory MPs ‘confident’ of EU trade deal by end of the year

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- Financial experts warn expats they could lose banking access
- EU plans for future on basis of no deal
- Post-Brexit warnings for holidaymakers
- The sale of fur could be banned post Brexit

TALKS are set to continue this week as Tory MPs say they are confident a trade deal with the EU will be reached by the end of the year.

Tory MP David Davis has said it was “quite likely” a deal would be struck between the UK and Brussels.

Appearing on TalkRadio, he said: “The more tough we are, the bigger the screaming from Brussels, then the more likely we are to get a deal.

“So at the moment I think it is quite likely we will get a deal.

“In fact, I have always thought it was quite likely we would get a deal.”

Downing Street revealed there had been “useful exchanges” between the UK and EU in recent weeks.

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