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Brewdog launches new ‘StreetDog’ IPA inspired by Ricky Gervais to help dogs across the UK find forever homes

CRAFT beer aficionados Brewdog have teamed up with Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter to help dogs across the UK find new homes.

The unique collaboration was inspired by comedian Ricky Gervais on Twitter.

Ricky Gervais commented: "Dogs make me happy. Beer makes me happy. A beer that saves dogs makes me VERY happy.”

To help, Brewdog are giving their iconic Punk IPA a makeover, and renamed for a short period.

BrewDog there are relaunching the beer as Street Dog; a limited edition Punk IPA , which will be available in 12 packs of 330ml cans,

They'll set shoppers back £19.95 for twelve and are available now for pre-order here.

They are giving space on the can to profiles of dogs currently in the care of Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, in the hope that these dogs new owners may pick up a pint, and give a pooch a new home too.

100 per cent of all the profits generated from the sales of Street Dog will be split evenly between two charities - so you can help a dog find a new home just by having a beer.

James Watt, Co-found of BrewDog said: "“At BrewDog we are always looking for ways to use our business to do good.

"When Ricky tweeted us with a genuine endorsement for Punk IPA, we wanted to use our platform to donate to causes he’s passionate about.

"We then decided to take it one step further and not only donate the profits from our Street Dog cans, but give our pawsome four legged friends over at Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, space on our cans to help them find forever homes.”

100% of all the profits generated from the sales of Street Dog will be split evenly between the two charities. For more information on Dogs on the Streets, and All Dogs Matter click here and here.

Street Dog will cost you £19.95 for 12 cans and is available from here.

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