Great Britain

Bravo to The Queen for banning Meghan and Harry from Sussex Royal brand and saving the monarchy from more peril

BRAVO to the Queen, who at 93-years-old has proven categorically she will not allow the Royal Family to be commercialised – at any cost.

Her decision to ban Harry and Meghan from using the Sussex Royal brand when they officially Megxit would have been personally difficult.

She rightly wants to try and be supportive of her grandson’s new start – even though she is personally very upset by his choice to quit as a senior royal.

But she also knows the couple’s desire to make a lot of money in the commercial sector is potentially perilous for the reputation of the monarchy.

This is the Queen drawing a line in the sand. She’s saying: Sorry guys you can’t have it both ways.

You can’t be referred to as royal while being paid a million bucks to speak behind-closed-doors to a bunch of rich bankers at a super exclusive Miami hotel.

You can’t be referred to as royal while being whipped around the world on private jets – even though you proclaim to be environmental campaigners.

You can’t be referred to as royal while hiring Hollywood advisers who have no acknowledgement of the need for the monarchy to stay politically neutral.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be OK, of course. They simply need a bit of a rebrand.

Maybe they could simply be known as the Sussex Foundation, although there are fears that could be too similar to the Sussex Community Foundation which already exists.

The big question is will the lack of direct connection to the idea of Harry and Meghan being royal matter in their new line of work?

Personally, I doubt it. Harry is royal by birth. Meghan is one of the biggest names in the world. They both retain their HRH titles, but are simply not allowed to use them while pursuing commercial opportunities.

This is an annoying setback for Harry and Meghan’s post-royal life. There will be red faces today, but it won’t impact the bigger picture.