A MUM and her daughter say they have been overwhelmed with support after the 12-year-old girl was attacked on her way from school.

Cherelle Wilkinson, of Burnley, was shocked and horrified to see daughter Tesharna walk in from school on Monday covered in blood after being attacked on Padiham Road.

The pair are now speaking out about the incident which came, ironically, during national Anti-Bullying Week.

The mum-of-five said: “I was mortified to see her like that when she came home.

“I could not stop crying that day and when I made it public on Facebook, it went viral.

“She should never have experienced this, bullying is just wrong.”

Tesharna was on her way home from Shuttleworth College, Padiham, when she was followed by two older girls who do not go to the school.

She was punched and slapped by one of the girls and ran home to get away.

The incident has been reported to police who are investigating.

Ms Wilkinson said: “She does not want to walk home now unless someone walks with her, but for now she is getting a lift home.”

Despite the attack, both Ms Wilkinson and Tesharna are speaking out to raise awareness during the anti-bullying initiative.

Tesharna said: “I feel surprised that I got that much support, two people have been constantly asking if I’m OK or if I know who did it.

“My advice to anyone being bullied is to not let them have an effect on you and try to forget about it or just to go out with some friends to get your mind off things.

“If anything happens to you there will always be people around you to talk to so don’t be scared to talk to somebody and stand up for yourself.

“I would also tell the girls who hit me, not to hurt anyone especially if they’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

Tesharna has had a lot of support since her mum’s post when viral, with messages of support rolling in, and offers to drive her to school.

Her mum added: “My girls would never bully anyone, they are focused on school and their education.

“I really think it is down to the parents, as they need to be more aware of what their children are doing, and the conversations they are having. We were overwhelmed by the positive messages and support we got, it has shown lots of people care.

“It uplifts me because it makes her feel loved.”